Research and Clinical Trials

Doctors and scientists in the Heart Center improve the lives of children by developing new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat heart problems.

Heart Failure Research

We are pursuing better ways to manage heart failure in children so they can live healthier lives. Our researchers:

  • Develop tests to help diagnose and monitor heart failure
  • Investigate ways to prevent deaths from sudden, unexpected cardiac arrest
  • Develop ways to protect the heart and kidneys from injury during surgery
  • Study diseases and health problems that happen at the same time as heart failure

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Mechanical Heart Devices Research

We study and test innovative devices that support children when their hearts fail or are very weak. Our researchers:

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Heart Transplant Research

At Seattle Children’s Heart Center, your child is cared for by doctors who are international leaders in advancing pediatric heart transplants. Because our doctors are also researchers, we continually improve our performance, techniques and patient outcomes. We also take part in research studies with other centers to improve care for children who need heart transplants. Learn more.

Heart Imaging Research

We use state-of-the-art imaging technology to study heart conditions and treatments. Our researchers collect and analyze images for studies led by Seattle Children’s and for studies by other hospitals and research organizations. This helps doctors understand heart conditions and identify the most effective treatments. Learn more.

Basic Research

We study the heart’s biology to discover new treatments. Our researchers pursue better treatments for Kawasaki disease and develop stem cell therapies that could someday regrow heart tissue and repair heart defects, without surgery. Learn more.

Participate in Research

You can help us answer questions about childhood health and illness and help other children in the future. Learn more about clinical trials and research studies at Seattle Children’s.

Ways to Help

Private donations help our researchers launch studies that could lead to lifesaving treatments. Email us to learn about supporting the Heart Center’s research.