Heart Center

Meet Your Team

Seattle Children’s Heart Center is co-led by Mark Lewin, MD, division chief, Pediatric Cardiology; Michael McMullan, MD, division chief, Congenital Cardiac Surgery; and Joanie Blanchard, RN, MN, NE-BC, director.

The Heart Center team includes specialists who treat children from infancy through young adulthood with all kinds of heart disease – from the most common to the most complex and rare.

We work closely with you, with each other, and with your child’s pediatrician to provide the best and safest care for your child.


  • Mark B. Lewin, MD

    Mark B. Lewin, MD

    Division Chief, Cardiology; Co-Director, Heart Center; Director, Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment Program; Thomas Bradley Armstrong Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiology

  • Michael McMullan, MD

    Michael McMullan, MD

    Division Chief, Congenital Cardiac Surgery; Surgical Director, Cardiac Transplant; Director, Mechanical Cardiac Support and ECLS Services

  • Joanie Blanchard, RN, MN, NE-BC, director

    Joanie Blanchard, RN, MN, NE-BC, director


Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons

Seattle Children’s board-certified pediatric cardiac surgeons perform a wide range of heart procedures, including surgical repair of complex congenital heart defects.

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Cardiac Anesthesiologists

Our pediatric cardiac anesthesia service is provided by a group of specially trained doctors who know how a child with heart disease may react to anesthesia. They and their team of nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners will meet with you before the procedure. They will provide the anesthetic for children undergoing full cardiac surgery as well as for those needing cardiac catheterization or electrophysiology studies.

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Cardiac Intensivists

Cardiac intensivists are doctors with special training in pediatric cardiac intensive care. We have the only pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) in the Pacific Northwest. At least one of our cardiac intensive care doctors is present in the CICU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Cardiac Perfusion Team

The cardiac perfusion team specializes in the circulation of blood outside of the body (extracorporeal circulation). They operate the heart-lung bypass machine for patients during congenital heart surgery procedures and provide heart and lung support using ventricular assist devices (VADs).

  • Kevin Charette, BA, CCP, chief perfusionist

  • Kelsey Clendenen, BA, CCP

  • Renee Dickey, BS, CCP, MBA

  • Amy Falconer, BA, CCP

  • Navriti Sharma

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A fellow is a doctor who has finished medical school and is now training in a specific field. Our Heart Center fellows are learning to treat children's heart diseases. As part of your child's Heart Center team, these doctors will assist the team in your child's general care and visit your child while in the hospital.

  • Erik Frandsen, MD

  • Kaitlyn Freeman, DO

  • Senta Furman, MD

  • Michael Kwon, MD

  • Joan Lee, MD

  • Iman Naimi, MD

  • Jill Steiner, MD

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Nurse Practitioners – Cardiology

Heart Center nurse practitioners coordinate care for patients and communication between all team members. They are usually the first contact for referring physicians, team physicians and patients. They will provide continuity of care between inpatient and outpatient settings. This includes educating families and staff about heart conditions, ordering diagnostic tests and managing medications, keeping your family, your child and the referring physician informed about progress and visiting your child daily while they are in the hospital.

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Nurses – Cardiac Catheterization Lab nurses and technicians

Treatment plans can be complex, so our nurses are an important resource for families. Their role includes checking to see how your child is doing and coordinating education and care before surgical procedures. They also provide long-term follow-up. Nurses are available to you all along the way to answer questions and give advice. Your child may also work with nurses who have special training and experience in specific areas of the Heart Center, such as electrophysiology.

  • Arlene Armatage, RN

  • Carlie Bouvatte, RN

  • Steve Bridges, RT

  • Holly Clem, RN

  • Nathan Deering, RT

  • Janice Elliott, RN

  • Joseph Hancock, RT

  • Kristine Krueger, CVT

  • Michelle Nguyen, RN

  • Katie Richey, RN, BSN, MHA, clinical practice manager

  • Molly Ruddy, RN

  • Keri Schrimshaw, MSN, RN, CCRN

  • Mitzi Schubert, RN

  • Hillary Staley, CVT

  • Kathleen Swanson, RN

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Nurses – Operating Room nurses

  • Kim Carris, BSN, RN

  • Kristi Leahy, BSN, RN

  • So Young Lim, BSN, RN, CNOR

  • Virginia Postor, BSN, RN

  • Melissa Taylor, BSN, RN

  • Lisa Tocher, BSN, RN

  • Mimi Yuson, BSN, RN

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Nurses – General cardiology nurses

  • Jacqueline Albi, MSW (Tacoma)

  • Shauna Andrews, RN

  • Paige Ayers, RN, BSN, CPN

  • Emily Bay, RN

  • Bailey Brinks, RNC-NIC (Prenatal Clinic)

  • Erin Carrier, RN, manager

  • Anne Davis, RN

  • Deborah Eylander, RN (Tacoma)

  • Patricia Flitz, RN (Everett)

  • Jennifer Keylon, BSN

  • Barb Lafayette, RN

  • Sarah Lehecka, RNC-NIC (Prenatal Center)

  • Kimberly Montgomery, BSN, director, Cardiac Ambulatory and Diagnostic Services

  • Kristen Ourada, RN

  • Beth Rayfield, BSN (Tacoma)

  • Jane Reynolds, RN

  • Julie Sidles, RN

  • Janae Snyder, RN

  • Andrea Trout, RN

  • Kendra Waldberger, RN

  • Jessica White, RN (Central Washington)

  • Julie Woosley, RN

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Nurses – Transplant/heart failure nurses

  • Katie Arlan, RN

  • Stephanie Church, RN

  • Jason Cruz, RN

  • Pam Hopkins, RN

  • Jody Martinez, RN

  • Keli Morgan, RN

  • Katie Richey, RN, BSN, MHA, clinical practice manager

  • Erica Southern, RN

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Medical Assistants

A medical assistant (MA) will greet you on arrival and check your child’s height and weight. They can help direct your questions to medical staff. An MA will also help you check in for the clinic and get set up for an electrocardiogram (ECG), procedure or surgery.

  • Jillian Grindstaff, CMA

  • Rosaline Guarin, CMA

  • Kim Huneke, CMA

  • Irene Longaker, CMA

  • Wendy Mowbray, CMA

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We have 30 pediatric sonographers, the most at any hospital in the region. A sonographer performs echocardiograms (ultrasounds of the heart).

  • Janet Barnes, RDCS (PE)

  • RayAnn Barnes, RDCS (AE, FE, PE)

  • Heidi Borchers, RDCS (AE, PE), RDMS

  • Brandy Clark, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Michele Clouse, RDCS (AE, FE, PE)

  • Abigail Cone, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Mykell Cruz, RDCS (PE, FE)

  • Heidi Cuffee, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Judy Devine, RDCS (PE)

  • Marneye Driesen, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Alison Freeberg, RDCS (AE, FE, PE)

  • Joey Goulding, RCCS RCS

  • Daniel Greene, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Letty Hingtgen, RDCS (AE, FE, PE)

  • Cheyene Hobbs, RDCS (AE)

  • Mary Jordan, RDCS (FE, PE)

  • Amber Kelly, RDCS (AE), RCS

  • Casey Marvin, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Kimberli Nichols, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Shelby Niehl, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Briana Olson, RDCS (AE)

  • Alex Raible, RDCS (AE, PE)

  • Danielle Saliba, RDCS (PE)

  • Erin Trent, RDCS (AE, PE), RDMS

  • Tom Yanagihara, RDCS (AE, PE)

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ECG Technicians

ECG technicians are specially trained medical assistants. They help during exercise testing and heart monitor placement. They also will place electrodes on a patient’s chest and attach the wires that hook up to a machine that records heart rate (electrocardiogram or ECG).

Social Worker

Our social worker is available throughout your child’s treatment to help with issues and stresses related to your child’s illness. The social worker collaborates with all members of your child’s healthcare team.

Depending on what you, your child or family need, types of help may include emotional support, information about coping with the effect of a heart condition on the family or assistance in getting access to resources.


Children with heart conditions may have challenges or cardiac risk factors related to eating and weight gain, especially during the first years of life. Our nutritionists will work closely with you and your family, your primary physician and your child’s cardiologists to develop feeding plans, monitor calorie intake and track weight gain or loss.