About Seattle Children’s

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

We provide hope, care and cures to help every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.

Vision Statement

Seattle Children’s will be an innovative leader in pediatric health and wellness through our equitable and unsurpassed quality clinical care; relentless spirit of inquiry; and compassion for all children and their families.

Our founding promise to the community is as valid today as it was over a century ago. We will provide equitable care for all children in our region, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

We will:

  • Practice the safest, most ethical, most equitable and effective medical care possible
  • Discover new treatments and cures through breakthrough research
  • Promote healthy communities while reducing health inequities
  • Empower our team members to reach their highest potential in a respectful and inclusive work environment
  • Educate and inspire a next generation of faculty, staff and board members who represent and serve the rich diversity of our community
  • Build on a culture of philanthropy for patient care and research

Values Statement

Our six values stand together – one cannot be practiced without the others. As an organization committed to health equity and anti-racism, we will practice these values through an anti-racism lens to foster a culture of respect and inclusion throughout the Seattle Children’s community. 


Empathy for patients, their families and staff is ingrained in our history and inspires our future. We do more than treat the child; we practice family-centered care as the cornerstone of compassion.


Our promise to treat, prevent and cure pediatric disease is an enormous responsibility. We follow the highest standards of quality and safety and expect accountability from each other.


At all times, we approach our work with openness, transparency, decency and humility. It is our responsibility to use resources wisely to sustain Seattle Children’s for generations to come.


We work in partnership with patients, their families, staff, providers, volunteers and donors. This spirit of respectful cooperation extends beyond our walls to our business partners and the community.


We champion anti-racism and find strength in the diversity of our patients, their families, staff and community. We believe all children deserve exceptional care, the best outcomes, respect and a safe environment. To achieve this, we work to eliminate health inequities and address any form of systemic racism in our organization.


We aspire to be an innovative leader in pediatric healthcare, research and philanthropy. We continually seek new and better solutions. Because innovation springs from knowledge, we foster learning in all disciplines.