Urgent Care Clinics

Emergency or Urgent Care?

Urgent Care Experiencing High Volumes

Due to unusually high demand, we cannot guarantee all patients will be seen. Please schedule an appointment online before you arrive to ensure your child will get care.

  • If no appointments are available, check back often. Cancellations are frequent and spots open up regularly.
  • If you no longer need an appointment, please cancel it so we can see another patient who is in need of care.

If your child is in urgent need of care and there are no appointments available, here is a list of local emergency departments near our Urgent Care locations.

Make an Urgent Care appointment for minor illnesses and injuries when your child’s doctor’s office is closed or they don’t have a doctor. Urgent care appointments are not for medical emergencies.

Urgent care is the right choice for kids and teens with minor problems, including strains and sprains, pink eye, minor cuts and bruises, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration, earaches, minor asthma attacks, mild abdominal pain and urinary tract infections. If you’re not sure where to bring your child, use our guide below.

If your child’s illness or injury is life-threatening, call 911.

Urgent Care does not provide ultrasounds, CT scans or MRI studies. If your child needs one of these, they will be transferred to our Emergency Department.

We also do not provide:  

  • Well-child check-ups
  • Return-to-play evaluations after a concussion
  • Sports or camp physicals

Talk with your primary care provider if your child needs one of these.

Allergies Urgent Care
Asthma attack (minor) Urgent Care
Asthma attack (severe) Emergency Department
Bleeding that won’t stop Emergency Department
Broken bone (not bent) Urgent Care
Broken bone (bent, curved or looks deformed) Emergency Department
Bronchiolitis Urgent Care
Burn (minor) Urgent Care
Burn (severe) Emergency Department
Cast problems (wet or soiled) Emergency Department
Colds   Urgent Care
Cough   Urgent Care
Cut (minor) Urgent Care
Cut (severe) Emergency Department
Dehydration Urgent Care
Diarrhea   Urgent Care
Dizziness Urgent Care
Earache and ear infection Urgent Care
Fainting Emergency Department
Fever (infants less than 2 months old) Emergency Department
Fever (children over 2 months old) Urgent Care
Headache   Urgent Care
Head injury (minor and without loss of consciousness) Urgent Care
Head injury (with loss of consciousness or from extreme impact) Emergency Department
Insect or minor dog bite Urgent Care
Mental Health concerns Emergency Department
Migraine headache   Emergency Department
Nausea Urgent Care
Pink eye Urgent Care
Pneumonia Emergency Department


Call Poison Control right away if you suspect a poisoning: 1-800-222-1222.

Emergency Department
Rash   Urgent Care
RSV Urgent Care
Seizure Emergency Department
Shock Emergency Department
Sore throat   Urgent Care
Sprain or strain Urgent Care
Stitches (deep wound or needing sedation) Emergency Department
Stitches (minor stitches without sedation) Urgent Care
Stomach pain (mild) Urgent Care
Stomach pain (severe) Emergency Department
Swallowed object Emergency Department
Trouble breathing Emergency Department
Ultrasound, CT scans or MRI studies Emergency Department
Urinary tract infection Urgent Care