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Patient and Family Education

We want you to have all the information you and your child need to understand your child’s condition and to participate in treatment. This page provides links to resources that we hope will be helpful.

Resources at Seattle Children’s

Condition-Specific Resources

Treatment-Specific Resources

Myths and Facts About Medical Scan Radiation (Video. 8:33)

Dr. Kenneth Gundle gives a quick rundown on myths and facts about radiation exposure, especially from tests and scans, like X-rays.

General Resources

  • Global-HELP
    The Global-HELP Organization is devoted to making healthcare information accessible worldwide. The publications section of this website includes many resources for parents and healthcare providers.

Recommended Orthopedic Websites (Video. 5:59)

Dr. Kenneth Gundle covers some useful websites for families or those studying or working in orthopedics.

Seven Features to Guide Selecting the Best Shoes for Your Child (Video. 5:16) 

Dr. Lynn Staheli describes the seven different criteria for good shoes for children.

For providers: Orthopedics and sports medicine videos. Current and former Seattle Children’s experts discuss how to evaluate and treat pediatric orthopedic conditions.

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