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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine

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Using the latest technologies and safest treatments so your child gets the best results

Seattle Children’s pediatric orthopedics team partners with researchers around the world to make sure we are using the latest treatment approaches and technologies. It’s part of our commitment to provide the highest-quality, safest care — leading to the best possible results for your child.

We understand that complex orthopedic conditions can affect more than your child’s bones, muscles and joints. That’s why our Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Program connects you and your family with any expert your child may need across Seattle Children’s.

Seattle Children’s started as the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital Association in 1907. We have been treating young people with orthopedic conditions for more than 115 years.

Why choose us?

Our experts provide specialized, team-based care for young people at every stage of development, from babies to young adults, with all types of orthopedic conditions.

41,000+ patients seen each year by Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
9 locations in Washington and Alaska for care closer to home
10,500 pediatric orthopedic surgeries performed in the last 5 years
A Seattle Children's doctor meets with a patient family in an exam room

Pediatric Orthopedic Experts With Unmatched Experience

Our team is the most experienced in the region with the full range of orthopedic conditions — from the common, like back pain and breaks, to the complex, like spinal deformity, bone tumors and hip issues in young adults.

Many of our pediatric orthopedic surgeons have expanded fellowship training in spine problems, foot and ankle conditionssports medicine, tumors, upper extremity surgery, limb deformity, neuromuscular diseases and other areas.

We’ve helped develop, introduce or refine options that make care better for patients and families, like limb-sparing surgery to reduce amputations for bone tumors and to allow more movement for kids with scoliosis.


A teen girl stands in an x-ray machine at Seattle Children's

Specialized Clinics and Programs for All Your Child’s Needs

Within Orthopedics, your child is cared for by an experienced team that includes pediatric , , , , nurses and many others.

Specialized clinics and programs — like the Spine Program, Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program, Fracture ProgramSports Medicine Program and others — bring together teams of providers. We also work closely with specialists from areas like Endocrinology, Neurosciences, Neurodevelopmental, Pulmonary Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine and Cancer and Blood Disorders.

We make sure your child gets coordinated care.

A Seattle Children's provider checks the arm strength of a teen girl

Here When You Need Us

For your convenience, our doctors see patients at locations in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Federal Way, Olympia, the Tri-Cities, Wenatchee, Yakima and Alaska and via telemedicine. We bring high-quality care closer to where you live.

Children, teens and young adults who need surgery get care at our hospital campus in Seattle or in Bellevue.

See our locations and contact information.

A Seattle Children's provider checks on a girl's legs, which are in casts

Orthopedic and Sports Injury Treatment for Young Bodies

Children are still developing. So, they may need different care than adults do, like treatment that takes their  into account. Even young adults who are done growing benefit from seeing pediatric experts who understand their development.

Here, your child’s team has special training in the physical, emotional and social needs of young people. Along with treating today’s concern, we keep in mind the possible long-term results for your child well into adulthood.

If your child needs imaging that uses radiation, we use the lowest amount possible (PDF) to make the best image. We have the most pediatric radiologists in the Northwest and a low-dose radiation X-ray machine.

Research to Improve Orthopedic Care

Seattle Children’s does research to develop and test new medicines, therapies and surgery methods. We are part of multicenter studies on spine, hip, hand and neuromuscular conditions as well as sports injuries and trauma.

To learn how to get the best results for kids, we do outcomes research, asking children how they are doing and studying their answers. We also look beyond questions about bones, muscles and joints because many other factors can affect your child’s results — from their mental health to their access to food. For us, improving orthopedic care means seeing your child as a whole person.

Innovation is one of our core values. The Orthopedics team is always looking for better ways to treat our patients.

– Dr. Burt Yaszay, chief, medical director, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Conditions We Treat

As an academic medical center serving families from around the country, Seattle Children’s sees a wide range of orthopedic concerns. We specialize in diagnosing and treating these conditions in young people, from babies to young adults. We also do prenatal evaluations for conditions that may be found before birth or passed down from parents to children. Conditions we treat include:

Treatment and Services

Our Orthopedics team is known for developing innovative treatments and providing world-class care. Along with prevention, we offer early diagnosis and the most advanced treatment techniques.

We see your child as a whole person and focus on doing what’s best for them and your family. While we have renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeons, we treat children with methods other than surgery whenever possible.

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