Lyubomyr Bohuta, MD, PhD

Lyubomyr  Bohuta, MD, PhD

Fetal Care and Treatment Center, VAD Program, Cardiac Surgery, Heart Failure Program

On staff since December 2020

Children's Title: Cardiac Surgeon

Academic Title: Associate Professor, Surgery

Language (Other than English): Russian, Ukranian

    • Nisone Bonney Lake, WA 01.23.22

      Dr. Bohuta performed open heart surgery to repairs several heart defects on our son when he was just one week old. Before we were SCH patients he even took the time to meet with us via video conference to discuss the surgery and possible procedures in detail and answered every question we had. We believe due to his skill and the Grace of God our baby’s surgery went extremely well and he recovered so much quicker than we had anticipated. It’s hard to believe without the operation he wouldn’t be with us today. Our family is eternally grateful to Dr. Bohuta and the entire heart team for giving our son a fighting chance.

  • Other Publications

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Medical/Professional School

Danylo Halytsky Lviv State Medical University, Lviv


Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surger, Kyiv

Research Focus Area

Congenital Cardiac Surgery Outcomes, Bloodless Cardiac Surgery