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Mindfulness Resources

Our mission is to share community-led mindfulness and compassion resources to promote the well-being of families and communities.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening in this moment in our minds, hearts and bodies without judgment, and holding this awareness with kindness and curiosity. Research has shown that practicing mindfulness helps us become more attuned to ourselves and others, and improve our own sense of well-being.

Mindfulness Resources for Parents and Caregivers

A family on a walkMeditations and reflective writing from the Mindfulness & Compassion Team (formerly at Odessa Brown Children's Clinic) to provide support to parents, caregivers and the broader community.

Short Meditations (Audio, Video and Scripts) in Spanish and English

Comforting Touch Meditation Script (PDF) Spanish

Gentle Breathing (Meditation in English by Krista Hanson; 4-minute audio file)

Giving and Receiving Compassion Meditation (English meditation by Krista Hanson; 7-minute video)

Mindfulness on the Fly (English meditation by Dr. Liu; 3-minute video)

Mountain, Ocean, Sky Meditation (English meditation by Lenna Liu; 4-minute video)

Respiración Serena (Meditación en español presentada por Patty González; 5-minute audio file)

Un Momento de Apapachos (Meditación en español presentada por Patty González; 5-minute audio file)

Reflections on Mindfulness

Cradled at the Table By Dr. Liu

How I Went From Explosive to Mindful By Shayla Collins

Mindfulness, and the Beauty of Newborn Breath By Dr. Liu

Parent Testimonial – OBCC Mindfulness and Compassion By Tamiko Nietering (She shares the deep impact that the program has made on her life and her relationship with her children; 1-minute video)

Reflections From a Mom: How to Take it One Breath at a Time By Kim Arthur

Mindfulness Resources for Athletes

two teens playing indoor basketballGuided Mindfulness Exercise

20 Mindfulness Exercises for Athletes - Athlete Mental Health (Purpose Soul Athletics)

How to focus on what you can control?

How to Help Athletes Manage Emotions and Avoid a Meltdown (The Excelling Edge)

How to make a mantra and use positive self-talk?

Positive Self Talk In Athletes Improves Performance (Very Well Fit)

Pre-competition Mindfulness Routines

Meditation for Athletes — How to Start, Benefits, Types of Meditation (BarBend)

6 Winning Ways Athletes Mentally Prepare For (ASICS)

How to make the shift from having expectations to having confidence?

Managing Expectations in Sports | Sports Psychology Tips (Peak Sports)

Imagery and Visualization for Athletes

Sports Visualization Techniques | Visualization in Sports (Success Starts Within)

A Beginner's Guide to Visualization | Sport & Athletes (Peak Performance)