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At Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC), we care for your whole child, not just their medical needs. Our partnerships help us support your child and family’s well-being with services at our 2 Seattle clinics and at schools and other locations in the community.

Our OBCC team works closely with community partners and Seattle Children’s experts in many fields of medicine and specialties like nutrition, physical therapy and social work. We are accepting new patients. Please call 206-987-7210 #1 to set up your appointment.

  • Our Dental Clinic serves as your child’s dental home from birth through 15 years. Our dentists offer oral health exams, prevention and treatment and refer your child to specialists as needed. Our goal is to provide the most positive dental experience possible and to set our patients and their families up for a lifetime of oral health wellness. Our entire team excels in caring for children, including those with special healthcare needs. Many on the team are board-certified pediatric dentists.

    • We know dental visits can be stressful, so we tailor care to the needs of your child and family.
    • During an exam, we will clean your child’s teeth and assess their risk for tooth decay.
    • We share dental tips to practice at home, such as how certain food and drinks can affect your child’s teeth. 
    • If needed, we provide sealants, fillings and other care.
    • We have a limited program to help some of our patients get orthodontic care for medically necessary issues.
    • If your child needs care in a hospital setting, we refer you to Seattle Children’s Dental Clinic.
    • As your child nears age 16, we help you transition their care to a dental clinic that treats teens and adults.

    For more information:

    Seattle Children’s is a partner in the SmileMobile. This dental clinic travels across our state giving dental care to children from families with low incomes. The mobile clinic is not a replacement for regular dentist visits, but it does give care to kids who might never see a dentist.

  • Our team is specially trained to take care of your child, whether they need a routine check-up or treatment for a complex health problem. Our goals are to help you keep your child healthy and get the care that’s right for them — as a baby, through their teen years and as they reach adulthood.

    We treat youth with many conditions, such as sickle cell disease, asthmaADHD and obesity. Our integrated care model helps us serve the varied needs of a wide range of patients. We provide services to youth who seek gender-affirming care; those born very early; and children who have a feeding tube, seizures, developmental delay or problems with more than one organ.

    Our providers can do physical exams your child may need to attend school, Head Start, camp and sports.

    At OBCC Central District, we also provide care for problems that affect skin, hair and nails (dermatology).

    At OBCC Othello, we offer these added services:

    We also have programs to help your child keep fit and eat wholesome meals.

  • Our Sickle Cell Program brings together experts from many fields  to keep children with sickle cell disease as healthy as possible. Our goal is to prevent problems before they start, including pain. Most often, we see patients at OBCC clinics in the Central District and Othello. But if your child has a complication, we will care for them at Seattle Children’s hospital campus.

    We help make sure your child, your family and staff at your child’s school know about this disease and how to take care of it. We work with community organizations like the Seattle Metropolitan Sickle Cell Task Force to provide outreach and education. OBCC has joined with other healthcare groups in the Northwest Sickle Cell Collaborative to make life better for families with sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait.

  • Our team offers many options to support your child’s mental and behavioral health:

    • Talking with a behavioral health therapist when your child comes for a medical visit
    • Diagnostic assessments
    • One-on-one therapy for a broad range of concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and challenging behaviors
    • Group therapy
    • Caregiver support classes
    • Psychiatric consultation and medication management
    • Referrals to other places that can help in coordinating those services

    If your child needs behavioral health services, ask their OBCC primary care provider to refer you. Please call 206-987-7260 to get an intake packet for behavioral healthcare.

    Healthy relationships in the family and a sense of inner peace can improve mental health. Check out our classes to help parents and caregivers take good care of their children and themselves.

  • Our in-school services make medical and behavioral health visits convenient, accessible and top-of-mind for kids who may not otherwise seek care. OBCC runs the Garfield Teen Health Center at Garfield High School and provides health care services at 5 central Seattle grade schools.

    Since 1993, Garfield Teen Health Center (GTHC) has served teens’ unique health needs, providing special attention to students who are at academic risk or have no other way to get healthcare. A full-time nurse practitioner, a certified behavioral health counselor and a family service coordinator, as well as a part-time psychiatrist and nutritionist, staff the GTHC. The clinic sponsors peer support groups for needs such as drug abuse, obesity, depression, intimate partner violence and GLBT issues. All these problems can affect a child’s success at school.

    OBCC also provides healthcare services at 5 neighborhood grade schools: Beacon Hill International, Leschi Elementary, John Muir Elementary, the Nativity School and Lowell Elementary. Licensed behavioral health therapists and nurse practitioners provide health services in the schools several days each week. Community care coordinators at the schools provide case management, engage parents, identify psychosocial barriers and provide resources to students and their families. The school-based health centers also offer nutrition and cooking programs, behavioral health and parenting groups and summer fitness camps.

    Our providers can do physical exams your child may need to attend school, Head Start, camp and sports.

  • Eighty percent of a child’s well-being depends on nonmedical needs like physical safety, emotional well-being, nutrition and housing. That’s why we provide programs on food and fitness, family relations, safety and legal help for issues that affect your child’s health.

    Our integrated care model means families can receive varied services in a single visit.

    Find out about our programs to build community well-being.

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To make an appointment, 206-987-7210 and press 1. We are accepting new patients and will register you before setting up your first appointment.

For behavioral health services, ask your child’s primary care provider at OBCC to refer you. Please call 206-987-7260 to request an intake packet.

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