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OBCC Events

Throughout the year, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) holds events for OBCC families and the community to connect.

Community Grand Rounds: The OBCC Town Hall Series

Saturday, April 22: The OBCC Town Hall Series: Connecting the Dots - Restoring Transformative Academic and Community Partnerships, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

OBCC Othello Clinic, 3939 S Othello St., Seattle, WA 98118
Parking is available in the garage.

Connecting.jpgOBCC will gather scholars, administrators, students, parents, local teachers, and community members to celebrate and reflect upon the University of Washington's Dr. Emile Pitre's Revolution to Evolution. Our intent is to remove the impulse to define the academy and community as separate worlds. Additionally, we hope to curate a transformative space to bolster community efforts to promote pathways into healthcare careers. We do so with the knowledge that "you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you must trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

Pitre's book will help us to "connect the dots" as it maps out the UW’s responses to local campus activism emerging from a national movement in the late 1960s that sought to address structural and cultural racism to send a generation of BIPOC students to graduate and professional school.  A relentless grassroots leader, college administrator, and chemistry professor, Pitre's own boots-on-the-ground perspective led to his being considered an "elder statesman" whose career was defined by the mantra "We Know, We Care, We Act." In honoring his legacy, we invite academics, community members, and our students to participate in a conversation to consider paths toward restoring our academic/community ecosystem.

Invited Attendees and Contributors

  • James D. Carter, DBA, Executive Director of BGPM Affairs at The Breakfast Group
  • Lenny Emperado, Dean of Recruitment and Community Engagement at Rainier Valley Leadership Academy
  • David H. Garcia, Assistant Dean for Health Equity and Inclusion at Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine at Washington State University
  • Maria Victoria Arceo Gardner, Ed.D., Assistant Dean of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at University of Washington School of Public Health
  • Kristen Harriott, Co-President of the Harvard Undergraduate Black Health Advocates
  • Kareem King, Co-President of the Harvard Undergraduate Black Health Advocates
  • Douglass L. Jackson, Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at University of Washington School of Dentistry
  • Jonathan Lee, MBA, Dean of Admissions Seattle  Academy of Arts and Sciences, Founder  Bridging Legacies Across Campuses (BLAC) 
  • Edwin Lindo, J.D., Assistant Dean for Social & Health Justice at University of Washington - School of Medicine
  • LeeAnna Muzquiz, M.D., Associate Dean for Admissions, University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Ali M. Thomas, Medical Director, Healthcare Career Pathways at Washington Permanente Medical Group

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Join the Webinar

  • Webinar number: 2464 359 7144
  • Webinar password: OBCC (6222 from phone)

Upcoming 2023 Town Hall Dates

  • Saturday, May 13 - Healthcare crisis: Town Hall on Educating Latino Youth & Families on Dangers of Fentanyl: Opioid Overdose Rates Sound the Alarm
  • Saturday, June 10 - Gun Violence: Impact on Children
  • Saturday, July 8 - Boys to Men II:  A conversation on the Art and Science of Parenting BIPOC Males
  • Saturday, August 12 - Topic to Be Announced
  • Saturday, September 9 - Topic to Be Announced

Past Town Hall Recordings

February 11 event, Introduction to OBCC’s Community Measurement and Innovation Hub and the new Governance Council (video, 1:08:36)

Watch the Recording

January 14 event, Boys to Men: Art, Creativity, Masculinity and Mental Health (video, 1:45:20)

Watch the Recording

November 12 event, Thriving Athletes: How to Maintain a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul! (video, 1:47:41)

Watch the Recording

August 12 event, OBCC Community Conversation (video, 54:57)

Watch the Recording

July 16 OBCC Community Conversation (video, 51:37)

Watch the Recording

Other Community Events

The Kaleidoscope of Autoimmune Disease: Writing and Visual Art Workshops

Saturday, March 18, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

OBCC Othello Clinic, 3939 S Othello St., Seattle, WA 98118
Parking is available in the garage.

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Saturday, May 20, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

OBCC Othello Clinic, 3939 S Othello St., Seattle, WA 98118
Parking is available in the garage.

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Participants will use writing and visual art to describe their experiences of living with, or caring for those, with various autoimmune diseases, highlighting the emotional, social and physical relationships between chronic illness, mental health, and healthcare disparities especially for those in communities of color, including Latinx, Black/African-American, Indigenous, and Asian Pacific Islanders.

Who May Attend

  • Anyone ages 8-18 living with an autoimmune disease
  • Caregivers of these folks

What to expect

  • In this 2-hour workshop, poet Suzanne Edison and visual artist Carol Rashawnna Williams will provide writing and visual art prompts and materials to help you express your experiences living with, or caring for someone, with an autoimmune disease.
  • The writing/art works will be included in a larger publication.
  • There will be an opportunity for participants to read and show their work (if they so wish) in a public event to be scheduled either at OBCC or another public venue.
  • Participants may attend one or both of these workshops.


Suzanne Edison, MA, MFA

Suzanne Edison, MA, MFA, is a poet, educator, former therapist, and mom to a young adult in remission from Juvenile Myositis (JM). She has been writing about, and publishing work about her journey with JM, as well as teaching writing workshops to teens, caregivers and medical providers for 15 years centered around the many aspects of living with and caring for those with autoimmune diseases.

Suzanne shares more about the workshops in this video

Carol Rashawnna Williams

Cultural Innovator Carol Rashawnna Williams, is a Professional Visual artist, musician, and mother of 2. She has spent more than 20 years utilizing art methodologies to pro-actively shift systems in business, education and at the government and institutional levels. She lives with health-related issues tied to environmental and hereditary influences. Carol has won many awards for her artwork and environmental work in BIPOC communities.

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