Vascular Anomalies

Meet Your Team

Seattle Children’s Vascular Anomalies Program is known worldwide for treating children and teens with a wide range of problems that affect the blood vessels and lymph vessels. Doctors from across the United States send patients to us for assessment and treatment because of our specialized expertise.

Close collaboration among our specialists is a great strength of Seattle Children's. At the vascular anomalies care conference, experts from more than a dozen different specialties meet together to review each patient’s case and decide on the best treatment. By focusing our different skills and expertise in this way, we create a safe, coordinated, multidisciplinary care plan for your child.

Our team includes doctors and surgeons in many specialties, advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs), nurses, geneticists, genetic counselors, interventional radiologists and certified lymphedema therapists (CLTs).



Registered Nurses

  • Erika Lutsky, RN

  • Shannon Meyer, RN

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Social Work

  • Michelle Noel, LICSW

    Michelle Noel, LICSW

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Genetic Counseling

  • Zoe Nelson, MS, CGC

    Zoe Nelson, MS, CGC

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  • Suzanne Skoda-Smith, MD

    Suzanne Skoda-Smith, MD

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Interventional Radiology/Neurointerventional Radiology

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Maternal/Fetal Medicine

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Medical Photography

  • Eden Palmer

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Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

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Teamwork Across Specialties at Seattle Children's

To give your child the best care possible, we work closely with professionals in other Seattle Children’s programs, such as: