Heather A Brandling-Bennett, MD

Heather A Brandling-Bennett, MD

Dermatology, Vascular Anomalies, General Pediatrics

On staff since August 2009

Academic Title: Professor

Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research

"I always wanted to be a pediatrician, and my interest in dermatology was sparked when I realized how many children suffer from skin disorders. I love working in a children's hospital and helping patients and their families manage skin conditions which are often visible and can have a profound impact on quality of life. I feel privileged when someone entrusts me with the care of their child, and I strive to treat every patient as I would want my own child treated."

  • Biography

    Heather A. Brandling-Bennett, MD attended Harvard Medical School, and then completed a residency in Dermatology at Harvard, followed by a fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology at Columbia University. She is currently an attending in the Division of Dermatology at Seattle Childrens Hospital, and a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics with an adjunct appointment in the Department of Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

    Dr. Brandling-Bennett cares for patients with a wide range of dermatologic disorders. Her specific clinical and research interests include dermatologic manifestations of autoimmune disorders, ichthyoses, vascular anomalies, and complications from oncologic treatment. She spends much of her time outside of work with her family including her two daughters.

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  • Awards and Honors
    Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    SEATTLE TOP DOCTOR - 2022 Seattle Magazine 2022
    Seattle Top Doctor - 2019 Seattle Magazine 2019
    SEATTLE'S TOP DOCTOR - 2018 Seattle Magazine 2018
    Seattles Top Doctor 2016 Seattle Met Magazine 2016
  • Publications

    Manuscripts in Refereed Journals

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    Other Publications

    • Brandling-Bennett HA, Liang MG
      Urticarial Vasculitis
      Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology, 3rd ed, 2011 : (Edited by)
    • Brandling-Bennett HA, Garzon MC
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Board Certification(s)

Pediatric Dermatology

Medical/Professional School

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA


Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA


Columbia University College of Physicians and Surg, New York, NY