Research Centers and Programs

CCTR Core Services and Facilities

The Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR) is home to several cores, each having specialized teams and facilities. These cores serve as critical resources for supporting the work of clinical researchers from all pediatric subspecialties.

Children's Core for Biomedical Statistics

Children's Core for Biomedical Statistics serves as the primary statistical design and data analysis core for Seattle Children’s Research Institute research activities.

Investigational Drug Service

The Investigational Drug Service core, a licensed pharmacy, dispenses medications used in inpatient and ambulatory clinical trials performed by investigators at Children’s.

Pediatric Clinical Research Center

The Pediatric Clinical Research Center facilitates patient-oriented investigations by providing inpatient beds, dedicated clinical-research outpatient services, nursing services, computer facilities, psychometry and nutrition consultation.  

Radiology Clinical Research Imaging Core

The Radiology Clinical Research Imaging Core (RCRIC) provides assistance to investigators and research staff to facilitate the selection, set-up, implementation and conduct of research studies involving Seattle Children’s radiology imaging across its multiple modalities.

Research Coordinator Core

The Research Coordinator Core is a team of experienced clinical research staff who work with investigators and their research teams, assisting with the organization, implementation and completion of clinical research studies.

Research Lab Services

Operated by the Department of Laboratories, the Research Lab Services core provides an array of laboratory services to support basic, clinical and translational research at Seattle Children’s.

All Research Cores

Seattle Children’s Research Institute houses additional core laboratories and services. See all Seattle Children's research cores.