Brain Tumor Program

Meet Your Team

Our coordinated Brain Tumor Program is very experienced in treating babies, children, teens and young adults with all types of tumors affecting the brain and spinal cord. The specialists listed here work with other experts, such as radiologists, pathologists and the Cancer Survivor team, in caring for your child.

Your child and family are key members of the care team. Each child is unique, and you know your child best. We partner with you to achieve the best possible outcome.


Pediatric neuro-oncologists - oncology

These doctors have specialty training in pediatrics and subspecialty training in cancer and blood disorders. They focus on the care of children with brain tumors, both benign and cancerous. They are leaders in brain tumor research and help set new standards to improve care.

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Pediatric neuro-oncologist – neurology

With specialty training in pediatric neurology and subspecialty training in pediatric neuro-oncology, this doctor’s focus is treating children with brain tumors.

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Neurosurgeons have specialty training in brain surgery, with further training in pediatric brain surgery. Seattle Children’s is the leading pediatric neurosurgical center in the Pacific Northwest. Each year, our team includes a fellow. This is a licensed doctor who has finished neurosurgery training and is working with us to gain further pediatric specialty experience.

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Radiation oncologists

Our radiation oncologists have specialty training in using radiation therapy to treat cancer, tumors and other diseases. Proton beam therapy is an option for some children we treat.

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Our neurologists have specialty training to treat children, teens and young adults with diseases of the nervous system such as headaches, seizures, nerve pain and movement disorders.

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Brain tumor nurse practitioners

Our nurse practitioners are registered nurses (RNs) with advanced training and education. They work both independently and with doctors to diagnose, treat and teach patients and families about serious and chronic conditions. Nurse practitioners may see your child in the hospital or for clinic visits.

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Radiation oncology nurse practitioner

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Rehabilitation medicine doctor

Our rehabilitation medicine doctor has specialty training to help your child regain strength and function after their illness and treatment.

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These team members assess your child’s learning, memory, mood and how they cope with their illness. Neuropsychologists can help prepare your child to return to school and arrange for help they might need in the classroom.

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Our endocrinologists are doctors who specialize in how hormones regulate the body, including pituitary gland function.

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Nurse coordinators

Our nurse coordinators will be your main source of education about your child’s care. With their expertise in coordination of care, they are the ones to call when you’re not sure who to contact.

  • Susan Morgan, RN

  • Alli Olsen, RN

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Social workers

Our skilled social workers give your family emotional support from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. They coordinate care between your family, community and medical team. They help your family get the resources you need.

  • Elizabeth Estes, MSW, LSWAIC

  • Wade Iwata, MSW, LICSW

  • Sophie Keef-Bullock, MSW, LICSW

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Registered dietitians

Our dietitians will check your child’s diet and suggest foods and other nutrition to promote your child’s health and growth.

  • Mary E Jones Verbovski, MS, RD, CD

  • Garrett Kendall Knecht, RDN, CD

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Child life specialists

Our child life specialists work with you, your child and other family members. They help your family relieve tension and express concerns and fears. We want your family to feel more in control of your medical experience.

  • Morgan Braun, MS, CCLS

  • Alicia Sevilla, BSW, MS, CCLS, Outpatient Clinic

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Genetic counselors

These genetic specialists are trained in counseling. They will review your family health history and explain the results of genetic testing.

  • Shannon Stasi, MS, LCGC

  • Natalie Waligorski, MS, MPH, LCGC

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Research coordinators

These team members talk with families about our research program and coordinate research within our brain tumor team.

  • Peter Chong, Clinical Research Associate

  • Seehee Park, Clinical Research Associate

  • Grace Rossi, Clinical Research Associate

  • Jeff Stevens, Clinical Research Supervisor

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