Treatments and Services

Seattle Children’s offers a wide range of treatments and services for all types of conditions that affect the brain and spinal cord. We have more pediatric neurosurgeons on staff than any other hospital in the Pacific Northwest – with coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our neurologists and neurosurgeons work closely with specialists in other fields, like plastic surgery, neuropsychology and rehabilitation medicine.

Babies, children, teens and young adults come to Seattle Children’s from across the nation and around the world.

See specific conditions to learn more about how we will care for your child.

  • Brain Tumor Program

    Our neurosurgeons work closely with other professionals at Seattle Children’s to create an individual care plan for your child. Because we care for so many children with brain or spinal cord tumors each year, we have the experience to treat even the most unusual conditions. In addition to traditional open surgery, we offer minimally invasive laser ablation surgery for some types of brain tumors. Learn more.

  • Chiari Malformation Program

    Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step to successful treatment of Chiari malformation. Patients from across the United States come to us for our expertise and experience in diagnosing and treating this condition. Each year our neurosurgeons perform dozens of surgeries. We also evaluate and care for children who do not need surgery. Learn more.

  • Clínica de Neurología en Español

    En la Clínica neurológica en español del Seattle Children’s nos esforzamos por ampliar el cubrimiento y mejorar la calidad de la atención neurológica para la comunidad hispana. Nuestro personal médico bilingüe ofrece atención médica y servicios en español, así como una amplia variedad de tratamientos para enfermedades del cerebro, la médula espinal, los nervios y los músculos. Asimismo, colaboramos con profesionales de otras especialidades como la rehabilitación, la terapia física y ocupacional, la neumología y la genética, entre otras. Cualquier paciente de entre 0 y 21 años de edad que haya sido referido a la clínica de neurología puede solicitar que su cita sea en la Clínica neurológica en español.

  • Concussion Program

    Our program brings together some of the nation’s top experts on concussions and brain injuries to keep young athletes safe and healthy. Because of this expertise, we can evaluate, diagnose and manage any level of injury to your child’s brain. Dr. Samuel Browd directs the program, which includes experts from Harborview Medical Center, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s. Learn more.

  • Craniosynostosis Program

    Seattle Children’s has the largest craniosynostosis program in the United States. Our neurosurgeons work as a team with craniofacial surgeons and other experts to treat children when a seam connecting their skull bones closes too soon. We are one of a few centers in the country to offer endoscopic repair of some types of craniosynostosis, a minimally invasive procedureLearn more.

  • Epilepsy Program

    Our specialists are dedicated to helping your child be seizure free. We have the only epilepsy program for children in the Northwest that is accredited level 4 by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC). A level 4 center uses the most advanced technology to diagnose epilepsy and evaluate patients before surgery. We offer the most advanced medical and surgical treatments for epilepsy, including laser ablation surgery, a minimally invasive procedure. Learn more about our Epilepsy Program.

  • Fetal Care and Treatment Center

    Seattle Children’s excels at treating brain and spinal cord conditions that are present at birth, such as spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Our Fetal Care and Treatment Center works with families to diagnose disorders during pregnancy and prepare for the care their babies will need after birth. We help coordinate care for you during your pregnancy and for your child after birth. Learn more.

  • Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

    Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is a way to take pictures of your child’s brain at work. It is similar to an MRI scan. But instead of just looking at the physical parts of your child’s brain, we look at the parts involved in specific activities. It is safer, cheaper, more efficient and more comfortable for your child than other tests that give us similar information. Most often, we use fMRI when treating children with epilepsy, brain tumors and cavernous malformations. Read about fMRI.

  • Headache Program

    Our Headache Program brings together an expert team to diagnose and treat your child’s headaches. Our providers specialize in headache management for children and teens. We provide the most up-to-date and evidence-based therapies.

  • Inflammatory Brain Disorders Clinic

    Some children with severe problems related to their thinking, learning or mental health have inflammatory brain disorders. Most often they happen because a child’s immune system attacks their brain (autoimmune). Scientists do not know what triggers this. We also call these conditions neuroinflammatory brain disorders. Our Inflammatory Brain Disorders Clinic brings together experts in neurosciences and rheumatology to diagnose and treat your child.

  • Interventional Radiology

    Interventional radiologists use imaging such as an CT (computed tomography) scan to find and correct problems without surgery. We have special training to work with kids, and we use equipment and techniques designed for children and teens. Our neurosciences and interventional radiology teams partner to select the best treatment for your child’s condition. Learn more.

  • Laser Ablation Surgery

    This precise, minimally invasive option uses light to heat and destroy unwanted cells. Seattle Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in the Pacific Northwest – and one of only a handful of centers in the country – to offer laser ablation surgery for epilepsy and brain tumors. Laser ablation may be a good choice, and even a cure, for children who have few or no other treatment options. Learn more.

  • Mitochondrial Medicine and Metabolism

    Our team cares for children with disorders that affect mitochondria – parts of cells that help make energy. In mitochondrial diseases, these energy-making areas do not work properly. Our team includes experts in many areas of medicine, and we do research to improve care and cure rates for these conditions. Learn more.

  • Neuro NICU

    Babies born with or at risk for a neurological condition need specialized care from a team of experts to help protect and heal their brain. Seattle Children’s Neuro NICU provides this care for your baby, using advanced neurodiagnostic and neuroimaging technology and evidence-based treatments. The Neuro NICU brings together neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and neonatologists – and other Seattle Children’s specialists – based on your baby’s needs. We have the only neonatal neurocritical care program in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.


  • Neurocritical Care Program

    Seattle Children’s Neurocritical Care Program features a team of experts from multiple specialties who work collaboratively to care for critically ill and injured children with acute neurologic issues during their hospital stay and through follow-up appointments after discharge from the hospital. Learn more.

  • Neurodevelopmental

    Our Neurodevelopmental team focuses on caring for children with special needs. Our team of doctors, nurses, social workers, dietitians and physical and occupational therapists tailors our services to your child and family. We work with your family and other members of your child’s team, including their primary care doctor, teachers and community services. Learn more.

  • Neuromodulation Program

    Our Neuromodulation Program uses mild electrical pulses to prevent or lessen seizures in children with epilepsy and reduce muscle spasms in children with movement disorders. These devices can be life-changing for children whose symptoms are not controlled by other treatments. We offer responsive neurostimulation (RNS), deep brain stimulation (DBS) and vagus neurostimulation (VNS). Learn more.

  • Neuromuscular Program

    The Neuromuscular Program brings together a team of experts to evaluate and treat babies, children and teens with muscle or nerve problems that cause weakness. We provide care for conditions such as myotonic muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Learn more about our Neuromuscular Program.

  • Neuropsychology

    Neuropsychologists are experts in brain development and how it affects a child’s learning and behavior. To help make the right diagnosis, we do many tests to check your child’s memory, attention, thinking, language skills, coordination, senses and personality. Our evaluations can help you and your child’s healthcare team pick strategies to help your child reach their potential. Learn more.

  • Neurosurgery

    Our neurosurgery team is among the most experienced in the nation and the most experienced by far in the Pacific Northwest. Our expertise and skilled use of advanced technology make brain surgery possible for more children, as well as safer and more precise. We use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible to reduce pain and recovery time for your child. Our world-class team performs surgery for a broad range of neurological conditions. Learn more.

  • Neurotherapeutics Clinic

    Our Neurotherapeutics Clinic offers genetic counseling, diagnosis and access to research studies for children with genetic conditions that affect the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves or muscles). These neurogenetic disorders include epilepsy syndromes, brain malformation syndromes like tuberous sclerosis complex, neuromuscular disorders such as Charcot- Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease and movement disorders. Our team serves children, teens and young adults in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI).

  • Robot-assisted neurosurgery, including stereo EEG

    For some children, treatment options include minimally invasive procedures using an advanced surgical tool called ROSA Brain. It integrates brain imaging with a robotic arm. Our neurosurgeons use ROSA to target areas of your child’s brain with more precision and avoid removing part of their skull (craniotomy). This shortens the time your child is in surgery and under anesthesia. Stereo EEG is one option available for children being evaluated for epilepsy surgery. During the stereo EEG, neurosurgeons use ROSA to place fine, flexible wires in your child’s brain to record activity and find the source of your child’s seizures.

  • Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy and Tone Management Program

    Seattle Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in the Pacific Northwest to provide selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) to help kids gain mobility. Our neurosurgeons, rehabilitation medicine specialists and physical therapists work together to reduce spasticity, or high muscle tone, in your child’s legs. Our neurosurgeons are experts in implanting pumps to deliver medication (baclofen) around the spinal cord to reduce severe spasticity resulting from cerebral palsymultiple sclerosisor brain and spinal cord injury. Learn more.

  • Vascular Neurology Program

    Seattle Children’s has the Pacific Northwest’s only Pediatric Vascular Neurology Program. Problems with the way blood vessels developed may cause bleeding in the brain or limit the supply of oxygen-rich blood. We treat children for stroke and vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord, such as moyamoya and cavernous malformations. Learn more.

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