Patient Ambassadors


Patients are the heart of Seattle Children’s – and the reason we dedicate ourselves to helping every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible. During the Yes campaign, more than 70 patients and their families served as ambassadors, sharing their experiences to inspire our community. We celebrate the impact of these families – whose stories inspired you to give $1.4 billion to provide hope, care and cures for kids. Special thanks to the kids who participated throughout the campaign; in the coming months, we look forward to introducing more ambassadors.

Meet Our Patient Ambassadors

  • Meet Harper

    Traditional treatments didn't cure this toddler's cancer, so her determined parents and care team tried a new immunotherapy approach that saved her life.

  • Meet the Hurtado Family

    Four kids in the same family have a rare metabolic disorder and needed liver transplants. Learn how Seattle Children's is innovating to keep them healthy.

  • Meet Jude

    A diagnosis in Jude’s infancy prompted her family to move across the country for the best treatment possible; learn from her mom how this decision changed their lives.

  • Meet Aliyanna

    The challenges Aliyanna faced at birth were no match for her tenacity – or the outstanding care she received at Seattle Children’s. Because you said yes, kids like Aliyanna are thriving and hitting new milestones – like becoming a big sister.

  • Meet Beck

    This ski-racing teen is managing ADHD and OCD while finishing high school; his mom is managing a growing vocation in brain health advocacy. Because you said yes, kids like Beck are successfully tackling sports, school and life.

  • Meet Caleb

    An engaging 10-year-old with a fighting spirit found his medical home at Seattle Children’s. Thanks to donors like you, Caleb’s care team helps him thrive at every age and developmental stage.

    • Meet Alex

      Autism blocked her ability to communicate until intensive speech therapy opened doors to new words and new worlds.

    • Meet Anna

      A schoolgirl with dwarfism can now reach for the stars after limb-lengthening surgery at Seattle Children’s doubles the length of her upper arms – and gives her greater independence. 

    • Avery

      Meet Avery

      After a miracle surgery saved her from a deadly brain tumor, she was cancer-free but out of options if she needed future treatment. Now, a new immunotherapy trial gives kids with aggressive or recurring brain cancer another chance at life.

    • Meet Camille

      After her leukemia returned for a third time, a college student is on the road to recovery thanks to an immunotherapy trial and bone marrow transplant at Seattle Children’s – and her fighting spirit.

    • Meet Carmen

      A toddler moves from epilepsy to high school valedictorian – after a 10-hour brain surgery at Seattle Children’s frees her from daily seizures

    • Meet Cassidy

      An aspiring Broadway star who uses music to navigate life’s ups and downs and recently wrote a song about her 41st surgery.

    • Meet Charlotte

      This boisterous toddler has a second chance at life thanks to open-heart surgery at the age of 4 months.

    • Meet Ellia

      When she was only 3, she was diagnosed with leukemia. Her parents trusted Seattle Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center with their daughter’s care – and today, she is in remission.

    • Meet Emerson

      At age 3, this spitfire started the journey of a lifetime. Even though her cancer treatment was all-consuming, it doesn't define her today. 

    • Meet Emmy

      This spirited preschooler battled and beat a deadly cancer thanks to expert clinical care and groundbreaking research. 

    • Meet Erin

      A brave girl wise beyond her years beats cancer for the third time with the help of a game-changing treatment at Seattle Children’s.

    • Meet Garrett

      When Erin Smith went into labor with her second child, she never imagined the 42-day odyssey her son would endure in order to survive.

    • Meet Greta

      A boisterous baby got her chance to become a kid, thanks to an immunotherapy trial that saved her life.

    • Meet Isaac

      A toddler devoted to cars, milk and his Seattle Children’s care team fought cancer – and survived.

    • Meet Jonah and Jeremiah

      Two bright boys being raised by their grandmother receive integrated primary care at Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic.

    • Meet Kira

      A performer and musical actress since age 6, this teen suddenly struggled with tone and pitch. After an MRI revealed a tumor in her brain, she and her doctors found a way for her to keep pursuing her passion.

    • Meet Liesel

      She was so inspired after participating in a clinical trial, she is pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering at Harvard College.

    • Meet Lillee

      This bright, active 4-year-old experienced hundreds of seizures a day until Seattle Children’s surgeons stopped them for good.

    • Meet Lincoln

      At 7 months old, a heart transplant saved his life – and Seattle Children’s doctors say he can pursue whatever his new, healthy heart desires.

    • Meet Luke

      An active boy always ready with a joke, you’d never guess he was born with a heart condition requiring lifelong care.

    • makenna-icon-70x70.jpg

      Meet Makenna

      Makenna started her first year at college and faces challenges with the same positive outlook she’s had her whole life. Thanks to donors like you, Makenna has made huge strides and raises money to help the children that came after her.

    • Meet Malachi

      A curious, happy boy makes it through big challenges with the medical safety net he needs to live his healthiest, most fulfilling life.

    • Max and Beck

      Meet Max and Beck

      Max survived a deadly brain cancer thanks to a cancer clinical trial, while his younger brother Beck is learning to live with the challenges of OCD and ADHD. Together with their family, they advocate for Seattle Children’s brain health initiatives.

    • Meet Miguel

      After 31 rounds of chemotherapy, shoulder replacement surgery and nine months in the hospital, Miguel insists he’s just a regular guy. Learn how his positivity helped him kick cancer to the curb.

    • Meet Oliver

      Looking at this energetic toddler today, you’d never guess he required lifesaving surgery five days after his premature birth. Oliver faced unthinkable odds, but his fighting spirit – combined with Seattle Children’s expert care – gave him a new lease on life.

    • Meet Roarke

      A pinch of mother’s intuition and a cup of Seattle Children’s expertise yields one healthy boy.

    • Meet Sam

      A teen whose anxiety and depression were consuming him found a solid source of support – and the ability to push forward and pursue his dreams.

    • Meet Shanae

      Faced with giving up sports forever or undergoing a novel surgery, Shanae chose the latter. See how her determination coupled with Seattle Children’s expertise put her back in the game.

    • Meet Saleea

      Since she was born, this 12-year-old has grappled with sickle cell disease, a life-threatening blood condition that requires constant treatment. It can be intense, but it’s no match for her winning attitude!

    • Meet Summer

      Looking at this child, you’d never suspect she had a life-threatening condition that required expert care before she was even born.

    • Meet Tara

      Tara shares her personal experience as the sibling of a patient at Seattle Children’s and explains why she approaches life with a lens of inclusion.