Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Meet Your Team

Pediatric Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists

General Pediatrician

Physician Assistants



  • Briana Brady, RN
  • Briana Edwards, RN
  • Rachelle Foreman, RN
  • Victoria Kuiper, RN
  • Sarah Mbonde, RN
  • Katherine McConville, RN
  • Jennifer Minhas, RN
  • Allison Musch, RN
  • Doris Taylor, RN
  • Teresa Wachs, RN

Medical Assistants

  • Danny Gagucas
  • Natalie Lang

Registered Dietitians

  • Tan Hang, RD
  • Katrina Hoch, RD
  • Rachel Kay, RD
  • Lauren Mozer, RD
  • Elena Ralph, MPH, RD, CD
  • Amanda Saline, RD
  • Heather Twible, RD
  • Erin Walsh, RD
  • Angela Young, RD

Social Worker

  • Ashley Jarrett, MSW

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Research Coordinators

  • Kara Cooper
  • Madeline Ford
  • Stephanie Lammers
  • Mason Nuding
  • Melissa Young

Gastroenterology Fellows

  • Jennifer Duong, MD
  • Kendra Francis, MD
  • Irina Gorbounova, MD
  • Katie Kaenkumchorn, MD
  • Annie Levine, MD

Hepatology and Transplant Fellow

  • Katelyn Saarela, DO

Close Collaboration With Other Teams at Seattle Children’s

Depending on your child's condition and treatment needs, we will bring in other Seattle Children's experts. We work closely with: