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How to Refer a Patient

Appointment availability

Updated August 2023

We are accepting new referrals for patients age 17 and younger, including for functional constipation, functional abdominal pain and physiological gastroesophageal reflux. Due to rising wait times and the high volume of referrals we receive, we are prioritizing by acuity.

Wait times for non-urgent general GI conditions such as constipation or generalized abdominal pain with no red flags is 3 to 5 months. We rely on our partnership with providers in the community and appreciate providers managing less acute gastrointestinal conditions. Please refer to our extensive Resources for Providers below for assistance.

Referral requirements

Please submit a referral that is complete. This helps us schedule your patient’s appointment in a timely manner and ensure their first visit is smooth and productive.     

Please include:

  • Service/specialty clinic requested
  • Reason for referral: what is the clinical question for the specialist? Please be specific and provide detailed description of observations, concerns or red flags.
  • If the referral is urgent (see within 4 weeks) or routine (next available)
  • ICD-10 diagnosis – required
  • Visit type:
    • New patient consult, transfer of care, second opinion, or return visit/ongoing care
  • ALL relevant clinical documents
    • Clinic notes – most recent and relevant to the concern you are referring for
    • Medication history
    • Growth charts/curves 
    • Lab reports and stool tests
    • Imaging and diagnostic reports (Images can be uploaded to PowerShare)
    • Previous specialty evaluations
  • Patient’s full name, DOB, sex, address, guardian contact information and insurance
  • Referring provider’s name, phone, fax and the referral coordinator’s email address so that we may contact you if additional information is needed
  • Preferred clinic location
  • If an interpreter is needed
  • Any known barriers to performing a successful telehealth (video) visit with the family

Please note:

  • We will see new patients through age 17 only. If your patient is 18 or older, we ask that you refer them to an adult gastroenterology/hepatology provider.
  • Patients who have not been seen by our department in the last 18 months will need a new referral.

Submit a referral

Please follow the standard referral procedures below:

Please note:

  • Patients are prioritized based on their current condition and acuity and the availability of a specialist to see them. 
  • We will notify you when an appointment is made.
  • Your patient will be seen by the provider who is the best match for managing the current problem.

We’re committed to partnering with you

If we evaluate your patient and determine they do not have a condition that requires ongoing evaluation and management in a specialty setting, we will return them to primary care with an appropriate plan of care for the primary care provider.

We are always available to answer questions and support your care of your patients.

  • For non-urgent clinical questions, eConsults are available for bloody stool, abnormal celiac screening, constipation, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and other unspecific clinical questions. For more details on eConsults, visit our EpicCare Link and eConsults page.
  • For urgent clinical questions, defined as a clinical question that requires immediate attention due to its potential impact on patient health or safety but is not life-threatening, you can call the Provider-to-Provider Line at 206-987-7777 or 877-985-4637 (toll-free) to speak to our on-call gastroenterologist.
  • Referring or transporting a patient to our Emergency Department or Urgent Care: call 206-987-8899 or, toll-free, 866-987-8899 (Emergency Department Communications Center).
  • Questions about scheduling and referrals, including locating or expediting a referral: call 206-987-2080 (Clinical Intake Nurses).

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