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Seattle Children’s Transplant Center

Your Child and Family Are Our Sole Focus

The prospect of an organ transplant can be frightening and feel overwhelming. The transplant team at Seattle Children’s is dedicated to helping your entire family understand the transplant process, develop new skills to cope with your child’s illness and hospital stay, and deal with insurance and financial matters.

We will involve your child or teen in their care in ways that match their age and understanding. Additionally, our team works hard to improve your child’s quality of life after transplant. We are committed to helping your child and family return to an active life together doing the things you love most.

Our Transplant Center Services

Doctors review model hearts at a white table.

Heart Transplant Program

Our Heart Transplant Program has some of the highest post-transplant survival rates in the nation and has performed more than 270 transplants since our program was established in 1994. Seattle Children's is consistently ranked one of the nation’s best cardiology and cardiac surgery programs in the nation.

Learn more about Seattle Children's Heart Transplant Program.

Dr. André Dick and patients examine a medical scan on a computer screen

Kidney Transplant Program

Our Kidney Transplant Program has provided compassionate, state-of-the-art care to children who have kidney disease since 1984. Seattle Children's is one of the top five kidney transplant centers by volume in the United States, and has excellent clinical outcomes.

Learn more about Seattle Children's Kidney Transplant Program.

Mother holds her young daughter

Liver Transplant Program

As the only pediatric liver transplant program in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Children’s provides care before, during and after transplant. Our experts have been performing liver transplant surgery since 1990 and have some of the best outcomes in the nation, including a 100% one-year survival rate.

Learn more about Seattle Children's Liver Transplant Program.

Our Results Are Among the Best in the Nation

100% One-year patient survival rate for kidney and liver transplants (higher than national average)
96% One-year patient survival rate for heart transplants (4.5% higher than national average)
56% Of children get their liver transplants sooner due to our advanced techniques
3 Years ranked in the top 5 of pediatric kidney transplant programs in the nation by volume

Achieving Racial Equity in Transplants

A girl wears a pink tutu in her hospital bed

“I tell patient families that it’s important to never lose hope,” says Dr. Evelyn Hsu, who leads Seattle Children’s Liver Transplant Program. “As a transplant physician, it gives you a great amount of optimism when you see a child doing so well after receiving a transplant. But we cannot stay complacent. We need to work harder in fighting for the children still in need and who deserve to live a full and healthy life.”

Learn how we are improving equitable access to transplants.

Transplant Center Research

Advancements in our research increase children’s access for transplants.

Our patients get better care before, during and after they receive a new organ as a result of research by our Seattle Children’s Transplant Center team. The same doctors who care for children needing organ transplants also do research to find better ways of treating them and will use innovative treatments to improve your child’s quality of life while they wait for a donor liver.

Research helps us improve how we care for patients. We could not do it without the families who take part in research studies.

Participate in our transplant research.

Paying for Care

Learn about paying for care at Seattle Children’s, including insurance coverage, billing and financial assistance.