Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Program

Meet Your Blood and Marrow Transplant Team

Your child will receive state-of-the-art care from a team that includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists and nutritionists trained and experienced in caring for stem cell transplant patients.


Nurse coordinators

Our nurse coordinators will be your main source of education about your child’s care. If you are not sure who to call, contact your nurse coordinator.

  • Jalyn Britton, RN

  • Ashley Condron, RN

  • Rhonda Hitchcock, RN (Inpatient Transition Nurse)

  • Cara Lillybridge, RN

  • Kim Lowole, RN

  • Sophie McCarthy, RN

  • Rachael Nilson, RN

  • Aubrey Wong, RN

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Our pharmacists can answer questions about your child’s medicines and discuss side effects. They help your child learn to take medicines correctly.

  • Alina Herman

  • Daniel van Meter

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Child life specialists

Our child life specialists work with you, your child and other family members. They help your family relieve tension and express concerns and fears. We want your family to feel more in control of your medical experience.

  • Yifan Wang, MS, CCLS

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Social workers

Our skilled social workers give your family emotional support from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. They coordinate care between your family, community and medical team. They help your family get the resources you need.

  • Wendy Datlow, LICSW

  • Meghan Robbins , LSWAIC

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Registered dietitians

Our dietitians will check your child’s diet and suggest foods and other nutrition to promote your child’s health and growth.

  • Jordan Griffin

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