Autism Center

How to Get Services

How do I get services at Seattle Children’s Autism Center?

1. Talk with your primary care provider

Ask your primary care provider to refer you to Seattle Children’s Autism Center. They will help you with the next steps for care.

All of our clinics and services require a referral from your primary care provider. We do not provide second opinions or re-evaluations.

Our center has long waitlists for diagnostic evaluations. There are many clinics statewide that offer autism diagnostic services. You may be able to get an evaluation closer to home at another center with shorter wait times.

2. Check that we got the referral and get on the waitlist

  • If you are new to the Autism Center, call 206-987-8080 to make sure we got your provider’s referral and have all the information we need.
  • Many of our services have long waits. You can ask to be put on a list to get notified if someone cancels their appointment. 

3. We call you to schedule

When we have an opening, we will call you to schedule.

Other Autism Resources

Interested in taking part in research?

Your child may be able to take part in research even if you may have to wait for an appointment. To learn more about participating in research, call 206-987-7917 or email us.

Insurance Coverage 

The Autism Center provides both medical and mental health services. It’s always best to call your insurance plan to check your benefits. Read about insurance and mental health coverage at Seattle Children’s.