How do I get services at Seattle Children’s Autism Center?

1. Talk with your primary care provider

Talk with your primary care provider if you would like a referral to Seattle Children’s Autism Center. They will work with you on next steps for care.

All of our clinics and services require a referral from your primary care provider. We do not provide second opinions and/or re-evaluations.

2. We call you to schedule

We will call you to schedule when we have an opening. Unfortunately, at this time, many of our services may have a long wait for an opening.

If your primary care provider has referred you for a first visit (initial visit), we encourage you to call once the referral has been sent to verify we have received the referral. You can ask to be added to a cancellation list.

Other Autism Resources

Even if we do not have openings right away, it is important to get care when your child needs it. There are many resources through Seattle Children’s and in the community that can help.

Interested in participating in research?

Even if you may have to wait for an appointment, your child may be able to participate in research. To learn more about participating in research, call 206-987-7917 or email us.