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  • Puberty and Sexuality Education for Autistic Youth, Part 1: Sexual Health Education at Home and in Schools

    6.18.24 | This month’s Conversation About Autism focuses on experiences with puberty and sexual health education.

  • Autism and Trajectory: Future Outcomes After an Autism Diagnosis

    5.28.24 | There has always been an interest in understanding outcome trajectories for autistic people. When family and providers notice neurodevelopmental differences and a diagnosis of autism is made, it’s natural to want to know: “What will the future be like?”

  • Speaking Up As an Autistic Mentor

    5.6.24 | In this post we hear from a young adult on the autism spectrum about growing into a mentorship role. You can hear more autistic people discuss their experiences in our most recent Conversations About Autism: Autistic Voices video.

  • A woman helps a boy with a task at a table

    Autism and “Levels of Support”

    4.24.24 | We talk about an autism spectrum because the signs and symptoms of autism fall within a range, or spectrum. Autistic people can experience these autistic traits differently, and people with autism can look very different from one another – even though they share these core traits in certain ways.

  • A girl climbs a robe wall

    Finding Summer Activities for School-Age Children With Autism

    4.12.24 | For those of us with neurodiverse children, figuring out what camps or classes they might like, and where they’ll be accepted so they can get the extra support they might need, gives us even more to consider.

  • A Journey Through the ABA Early Intervention Program at the Autism Center

    4.3.24 | The Autism Center’s Early Intervention Applied Behavior Analysis Program offers a short-term burst of therapy to children under the age of 6 who are on Medicaid while they are waiting to find long-term services.

  • 10 Autism-Friendly Summer Activities

    6.15.23 | Discover autism-friendly summer activities for kids and adults. Get tips for creating enjoyable experiences that cater to sensory needs and preferences.

  • Autism Acceptance Month: April 2023

    4.3.23 | Discover diverse perspectives on 'Come As You Are' in anticipation of Autism Awareness Month – insights from self-advocates, family, peers, and providers.

  • Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions for Children with Autism

    8.9.19 | Navigating autism interventions and understand terms like ABA, ESDM, PRT, and more. Learn about Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention (NDBI) to make informed choices for your child.

  • Patients with Autism in the Emergency Department

    9.18.17 | Get expert insights and practical tips on navigating the Emergency Department with a child with autism, plus a glossary of common terms used during these visits.

  • Suggestions for Pica Treatment

    12.19.16 | Learn effective strategies for addressing Pica behavior in children, including causes, ABA techniques, and preventative measures, with expert insights to support and guide parents.

  • The Function of Stealing and Cognitive Rigidity

    11.21.16 | Understand ASD behaviors and interventions. Tips for handling stealing and managing fixations in high-functioning autism. Expert advice for educators and parents.

  • Autism and Theory of Mind

    3.10.16 | Understanding others can be tough for individuals with autism. Dr. Emily Rastall explains how Theory of Mind (ToM) affects behaviors. Gain insights for navigating social interactions with empathy.

  • Twins and Autism

    2.13.15 | Dr. Sara Jane Webb discusses twins and autism; uncovering genetic links, treatment insights, and family dynamics.

  • Autism and IQ

    10.1.14 | A Seattle Children’s Autism Center psychometrist answers questions from parents about the various clinical tools used in the evaluation of autism spectrum disorder and IQ.

  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) and Autism

    9.25.14 | Unlock the potential of AAC for enhanced communication in children with autism, fostering language development and empowering effective self-expression.

  • Autism and Parent Support Groups

    9.5.14 | A mother shares her experience with autism and parent support groups, along with a list of support group resources.

  • Wisdom Tooth Surgery and My Child with Autism

    11.19.13 | Navigate the challenges of your child's wisdom tooth surgery with practical tips on planning, communication, and staying calm. A must-read for parents.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder

    10.11.13 | Are your child's behaviors indicative of OCD or are they simply part of their autism spectrum diagnosis? Gain a clearer understanding and effective strategies for parents navigating these complex scenarios.

  • Autism and Tic Disorders

    9.23.13 | Dr. Samuel Zinner answers the common question of, “Is what I’m seeing a tic?” in relation to some of the unusual mannerisms children with autism display.

  • How to Request Special Education Services after an Autism Diagnosis

    8.8.2013: Learn how to navigate the special education process, from requesting an evaluation to understanding qualification criteria. Whether your child has a diagnosis or is in the evaluation process, get practical tips for a smoother journey through the special education system.

  • Autism and a Trip to the Grocery Store

    7.3.13 | Navigate the grocery store successfully with a child with autism using practical tips and strategies shared by a mother based on her experiences with her son.

  • Autism and Sleep Problems

    5.2.13 | Explore the sleep challenges faced by children with autism in an insightful interview with Dr. Yemi Kifle, covering causes, evaluation, and effective treatments.

  • Autism and Dealing with Change

    2.8.13 | Change can be extremely stressful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Here are tips for managing change and transitions in your child’s life.

  • Autism and Step-parenting

    11.2.12 | Explore step-parenting a child with autism, with tips and insights from experienced stepparents, and join our supportive community delving into the dynamics of Autism and Family Life.

  • Divorce, Autism and Single Parenting

    10.25.12 | Navigate the challenges of single parenting a child with autism through insights from experienced parents, offering practical tips, support sources, and lessons learned.

  • 4 Ways to Help Your Young Adult with Autism Transition to Independence

    8.2.12 | How to navigate the young adult transition for autistic young people. Get practical insights and understand crucial competencies. Support your child on their unique journey.

  • Why Do Kids With Autism Do That? Part 1

    5.6.12 | The first part of a series in which a panel of Seattle Children's providers to give their best answers as to why children with Autism do what they do.

  • Telling Your Child They Have Autism

    1.4.12 | Discover advice and real stories on discussing an autism diagnosis with your child. Learn when and how to approach this important conversation.

  • Introducing a Pet to Your Home and Your Child with Autism

    12.21.11 | Explore key insights and practical tips on introducing a new pet to your child with autism.

  • Medication Tips and Autism

    9.21.11 | David Eaton, ARNP, shares medication tips that can be applied universally, whether or not your child is affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

    8.3.11 | Explore Pivotal Response Training (PRT), a naturalistic ABA therapy, focusing on motivation and pivotal areas for effective intervention in autism.

  • What is applied behavioral analysis (ABA) again?

    7.20.11 | Explore Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in autism therapy, its core elements, and diverse programs for effective learning and skill development

  • Social Communication and Making Connections

    6.15.11 | Learn about the difficulties and solutions in how kids with autism communicate. Find out the common problems in communication and get practical advice on how to encourage better engagement, joint attention, and imitation to help improve communication skills.

  • Preschool to Kindergarten: The Transition IEP Meeting

    5.19.11 | Prepare for your child's kindergarten transition IEP meeting with these tips. Learn how to review assessments, discuss progress, and plan for the best services.

  • Communicating with Providers - Tips on Describing Behavior

    5.10.11 | Improve communication with providers about challenging behaviors in children with autism. Learn tips for clear descriptions and effective support.