Meet Your Team

Our dedicated team at Seattle Children’s includes urologistsnurse practitioners, and nurses. We care for babies, children and teens who need medical treatment or surgery.

We take a team approach to your child’s care. We stay in close communication with you – and with each other – to decide the best treatment plan for your child. We work closely with other specialists at Seattle Children’s to make sure your child gets complete care.




Our urologists are doctors with special training in diagnosing and treating children who have problems with the body’s system for making, storing and removing pee. We also care for boys who have conditions that affect their reproductive organs and children with differences in sex development.

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  • Monika Gasiorek, MD

    Monika Gasiorek, MD

  •  Lauren  Poniatowski, MD

    Lauren Poniatowski, MD

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Contact Us

For more information, contact Urology at 206-987-2509. If you would like an appointment, ask your child’s primary care provider for a referral.

Providers, see how to refer a patient.