Patient and Family Education

We want you to have all the information you and your child need to understand your baby’s condition and to participate in treatment. This page provides links to resources that we hope will be helpful.

Resources at Seattle Children’s

After-Pregnancy Care and Breastfeeding

For Parents of Premature Babies

Treatment-Related Resources

Condition-Specific Resources

You may find it helpful to see resources on your baby’s condition from Seattle Children’s:

These websites may be helpful to learn more about your child’s condition:


Seattle Children's hosts many support groups. Most are led by hospital staff, parent leaders or parent–staff partnerships. Some are sponsored and hosted by Seattle Children's but the leader is from a community organization.

Other support (not sponsored by Seattle Children’s)

Contact Us

  • If your baby will need care in our NICU and you have questions or would like to arrange a tour, contact us at 206-987-2675.
  • If your baby is in our NICU and you need to reach a nurse, call 206-987-2041.