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The world of autism spectrum disorders is constantly changing and we at Seattle Children’s Autism Center are eager to share with parents and caregivers what we continue to learn. This blog is designed to be a resource on autism as well as to give you an opportunity to comment on our posts and engage with our experts.

Our intent is to provide information that may be helpful to raising a child with autism. We anticipate content will range from topics such as selecting a summer camp to sibling support to new research findings. In addition, we will share our perspective on the latest news and information about autism.

What sets our blog apart from others is that we are providing information from a provider’s perspective. Our primary contributors are physicians, nurses, psychologists, and family resource staff who are knowledgeable about the diagnosis and the latest in treatments and therapies.

We know the topic of autism can be a sensitive one and there are many differing opinions surrounding various aspects of this disorder. Given this, we’ll strive to provide several different perspectives so you can form your own opinion. We look forward to your comments and ideas for topics you’d like us to explore.


The information contained on The Autism Blog is for networking and informational purposes only, and should not replace the relationship that exists between you and your healthcare provider.

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Call 911 in the case of any emergency.

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