Sports Physical Therapy

Meet Your Team

Everyone on the Sports Physical Therapy team is a licensed physical therapist with advanced training in pediatric and orthopedic rehabilitation.

  • Our physical therapists specialize in injury prevention, running and gait analysis, throwing and overhead sports, dance, gymnastics and team sports.
  • We have board-certified orthopedic specialists, sports clinical specialists and Schroth therapists.
  • Our team also includes licensed athletic trainers and therapists who are certified in Sportsmetrics, selective functional movement assessment, strength and conditioning and sport-specific biomechanics, including ballet, Pilates and golf.

Whether your child is an elite athlete or just wants to get back to playing on the playground, our physical therapists can meet their unique needs.

Providers in Sports Physical Therapy include:


  • Kristie  Bombaro-McCollum,  PT,  MPT

    Kristie Bombaro-McCollum, PT, MPT

    Supervisor, South Clinic Therapies

  • Dave  Crotwell, MHL, RRT, RRT-NPS, FAARC

    Dave Crotwell, MHL, RRT, RRT-NPS, FAARC

    Director, Rehabilitation Services

  • Cathy  Graubert,  PT

    Cathy Graubert, PT

    Manager, Outpatient Therapies

  • Whitney S Marois,  PT

    Whitney S Marois, PT

    Supervisor, OBCC Othello Therapies

  • Steve  McKenzie,  PT, MSPT

    Steve McKenzie, PT, MSPT

    Supervisor, Bellevue and Seattle Sports Therapies

  • Keara  Shelton

    Keara Shelton

    Program Coordinator, Regional Rehabilitation and Sports Therapies

  • Cheryl  Thorndike,  PT, DPT, ATC

    Cheryl Thorndike, PT, DPT, ATC

    Supervisor, North Clinic Therapies


Seattle Hospital Campus

  • Danielle Axtell, PT, DPT

  • Leslie Bartram, PT, DPT

  • Summer Ice-Tseng, PT, DPT

  • Jordan Nakamura, PT, DPT

  • Kirsten Solberg, PT, DPT

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Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center

  • Corissa Buckley, DPT

  • Matt Del Re, PT, DPT

  • Mandy Duman, PT, DPT

  • Jessica Estes, PT, DPT

  • Steve McKenzie, PT, MSPT

  • Kaitlin Thompson, PT, DPT

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North Clinic in Everett

  • Abby Gordon, PT, DPT

  • Janine Huang, PT, DPT

  • Cheryl Thorndike, PT, DPT, ATC

  • Brandon Tom, PT, DPT

  • JoLynn Wagner, PT, DPT

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South Clinic in Federal Way

  • Cari Anderson, PT, DPT

  • Kyle Conboy, DPT

  • Natalie Johnson, PT, DPT

  • Paul Moraski, PT, DPT

  • Cassie Remy, PT, DPT

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OBCC Othello

  • Whitney S Marois, PT

  • Jason Walker, PT, DPT

  • Chris Wong, PT, DPT

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Contact Us

For more information, contact Sports Physical Therapy at 206-987-6400. If you would like an appointment, ask your child’s primary care provider for a referral.

Providers, see how to refer a patient.