Child and Adolescent Latino Mental Health Assessment and Treatment (CALMA) Clinic

What is the CALMA Clinic?

CALMA is a mental health evaluation and treatment clinic for children and families who primarily speak Spanish. Our providers are bilingual and can provide care in both Spanish and English. Services are for children ages 2 to 18 who have mental health concerns and their parents or other caregivers.

We see children who struggle with:

  • Disruptive behavior or difficulties following household rules
  • Anxiety or low mood
  • Difficulties in school
  • Concerns about development (coordination and movement, schoolwork, making friends)

We perform a thorough evaluation to understand your child’s challenges and then work closely with you to provide short-term group treatments.

As part of your child’s treatment plan, we may recommend a psychiatric medication consultation and short-term medication management with our bilingual psychiatrist.

We do not offer these services:

  • Long-term individual therapy or medication management. If these services are needed, we will provide a referral to services in the community.
  • Autism diagnostic evaluations: Please ask your primary care doctor for a referral to the Seattle Children’s Autism Center, where you can be seen by one of our Spanish-speaking providers. You can reach the Autism Center directly at 206-987-8080.
  • Parenting evaluations for legal purposes, such as developing parenting plans. Visit the Parenting Evaluation Treatment Program (PETP) Graduates web page for a list of trained providers in the community.
  • School evaluations after suspension or expulsion. Contact your child’s school for a list of providers who do “return to school” evaluations.

    How will the CALMA Clinic meet my needs?

    CALMA providers are experts in providing evaluation and evidence-based treatments that work best for Spanish-speaking children and their families. Our services include:

    • To get a complete picture, we ask you to fill out a family information form before your first appointment. During your evaluation visits, we also: 

      • Interview you
      • Ask you to fill out forms that ask questions about your child
    • This is a two-way conversation, where we explain what we found and what we recommend. We get your input about the diagnosis and treatment plan.

    • Parent groups at Seattle Children’s are designed to share skills to help your child and get support from other parents

    • Depending on your child’s needs, treatment may involve trying medicine for your child’s condition (less common for young children) or adjusting your child’s current medicine. Once your child’s medication routine is established, you will follow up with your child’s primary care physician for ongoing medication management.

    Who’s on the team?

    The CALMA Clinic is led by attending psychologist Cindy Ola, PhD, and attending psychiatrist Laura Black, MD.

    Psychology and psychiatry trainees also provide care under the supervision of Ola and Black.

    All CALMA providers are certified to provide patient care at Seattle Children’s in both English and Spanish. We work with Seattle Children’s Interpreter Services if interpretation is needed for any other language.

    When and where are services offered?

    Evaluation visits are scheduled during daytime hours. Patient and family groups may be offered in the daytime or evening hours.

    At this time, all services are provided via telemedicine/video visit platform. Some in-person services may resume in the future.

    How to Get Services

    You can ask your child’s primary care provider to make a referral to the program by faxing in a referral and notes to 206-985-3121.

    Have billing or insurance questions?

    Seattle Children’s accepts most private insurance, Apple Health (Medicaid), and the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCO) plans like Molina, Amerigroup, Coordinated Care, CHPW, and United HealthCare Community Plan. Families are encouraged to contact their insurance company directly for questions about their deductible or co-pays. 

    Our clinic will see all families regardless of their immigration status or insurance status. Families who do not have insurance are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Calling 206-987-3333 or visit financial assistance.

    Learn about mental health insurance coverage at Seattle Children’s.

    Seattle Children’s bills a facility charge (PDF) for hospital-based clinic visits. Learn more about your bill.

    In a Crisis?

    If your child or family needs help right away, call your mental health crisis line or text HOME to 741741.