Meet Your Team


  • David J Rawlings, MD

    David J Rawlings, MD

    Director, Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies, Seattle Children’s Research Institute; Director, Program for Cell and Gene Therapy, Seattle Children’s Research Institute; Chief, Division of Immunology, Seattle Children's Hospital

  • Maria Teresa de la Morena, MD


Allergy and Immunology Fellows

  • Christine  Anterasian, MD

    Christine Anterasian, MD

  • Kelly  Colas, DO, PhD

    Kelly Colas, DO, PhD

  • Jocelyn  Cooper, MD

    Jocelyn Cooper, MD

  • Gabriel  Mendoza, MD

    Gabriel Mendoza, MD

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Registered Nurses

  • Michelle Hoang, MSN, RN

  • Ivy Riffkin, MN, RN

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Medical Assistants

  • Caitlyn Elwin, MA-C

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Clinical Research

  • Beth Loots, MPH, MSW

  • Maria White, BA

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Program Coordinators

  • Joy Evangelista

  • Adriana Felix

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