Maria Teresa de la Morena, MD

"As a physician, I feel privileged to be part of a patient and their family's life. The childs exemplary resilience, the parents passionate advocacy, and a deep appreciation for the generous trust bestowed upon us as physicians, inspires me to better myself as their doctor and find answers to simple, yet fundamental questions related to their disease. To do so, I am fortunate to be surrounded by brilliant, caring and selfless colleagues that help me along the way. The reward of seeing a child smile and feeling well is invaluable."

    • Leisha Bothell, WA 08.13.19

      I am so impressed by Dr. de la Morena. She radiates kindness from the moment she walks in the room. I was instantly put at ease. She listened to our concerns and helped us understand the diagnostic limitations and parameters of our sons medical mystery. We feel privileged to be in her care if anything else is needed further. She has a wonderful team. We spent over an hour with Dr. Dunn before meeting Dr. de la Morena. I appreciated how thorough he was. He listened to our concerns in depth and was very friendly with our children. He went out of our way to explain his observations of our son’s case. We’re very thankful for the time they gave us.

    • Elizabeth Forney, Tx 03.11.19

      We were so sad to hear she left Dallas. My son first saw her when he was 7 years old all the way up to 18. Seattle, you are in wonderful hands! Take care of her.

    • Tammy Post Falls, Idaho 83854 11.27.18

      Dr. De La Morena met with me while our son was recently hospitalized. It was rather late, but she sat and listened so intently to every detail of our child's very complicated history... I truly felt that our concerns were heard and were important to her. She is an extremely kind and personable Physician and we are blessed to have her as part of our son's care team!


Board Certification(s)

Allergy and Immunology

Medical/Professional School

Universidad Complutense Madrid, Madrid


Pediatrics, University of South Florida, Tampa


Allergy and Immunology, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg