Neighborhood Restaurants

Resources listed are based on price and distance from Seattle Children’s. Inclusion does not imply endorsement. Please call the restaurant to verify hours of operation and delivery service.

Some Restaurants Within 2 Miles of Seattle Children’s

Name Delivery Takeout Eat‑in Address Phone (206‑)
Burgermaster   X X 3040 NE 45th St. 525-7100
Cedars on Brooklyn X X X 4759 Brooklyn Ave. NE 527-4000
Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe   X X 4757 12th Ave. NE 522-6966
Cherry Blossom   X X 7347 35th Ave. NE 526-5115
Jak’s Grill   X X 3701 NE 45th St. 985‑8545
Kidd Valley Hamburgers   X X 5502 25th Ave. NE 522‑0890
Krua Thai X X X 2515 NE 55th St. 985‑4398
Mamma Melina’s Ristorante & Pizzeria   X X 5101 25th Ave. NE 632‑2271
McDonald’s   X X 5146 25th Ave. NE 522‑0265
Marlai Thai   X X 3719 NE 45th St. 523‑3200
Metropolitan Market (open 24 hours)   X X 5250 40th Ave. NE 938-6600
Nasai Teriyaki   X X 5025 25th Ave. NE 524‑3011
Pagliacci Pizza X X   6224 Sand Point Way NE 726‑1717
Papa John’s Pizza X X   5401 25th Ave. NE 985‑0000
Pinkaew Thai Cuisine X X X 5101 25th Ave. NE 522‑2200
Pizza Ragazzi X X   5201 University Way NE 525‑1700
Portage Bay Cafe   X X 4130 Roosevelt Way NE 547-8230
Sand Point Grill   X X 5412 Sand Point Way NE 729‑1303
Subway   X X 2756 NE 45th St. 522-5644
Subway   X X 5401 25th Ave. NE 528-0593
Thai of Wedgwood X X X 7520 35th Ave. NE 528‑6165
Toshi’s Teriyaki   X X 3715 NE 45th St. 524‑1174
Uncle Lee's   X X 3224 NE 45th St. 523‑0772
Varlamos Pizza
(20% discount – show your family badge)
  X X 3617 NE 45th St. 522‑8515
Village Sushi   X X 5211 University Way NE 985-6870
Wing Zone X X X 5042 Roosevelt Way NE 523‑5252
Yummy Cafe X X X 4008 NE 55th St. 528‑0570

You can get delivery to the hospital from other restaurants through online delivery services like and Check their websites for participating restaurants.

University Village

University Village is an outdoor shopping center about 1 mile west of Seattle Children’s. It is a 15-to-20–minute walk. Some eateries include:

Chipotle   X X 547-4644
Delfino’s Pizza   X X 522‑3466
Din Tai Fung   X X 525-0958
Elemental Pizza     X 524-4930
Eureka   X X 812-9655
Evergreens   X X 524-0741
Joey Kitchen   X X 527-6188
Liam’s   X X 527-6089
Pasta & Co.   X   524-8594
Piatti Ristorante and Bar   X X 524-9088
The Ram   X X 525‑3565
Veggie Grill   X X 523‑1961

Local Delivery

You will need to meet your delivery at an entrance (see hours below). When you order food to be delivered, include:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • The patient’s room number
  • The name of the entrance where you will be waiting (such as Ocean)

Entrance Hours for Delivery

Entrance Desks: 206-987-3360

River entrance, level 3
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Ocean entrance, level 7
Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Emergency Department entrance
24 hours a day, 7 days a week