Preparing for Your Child's Clinic Visit

Welcome to Seattle Children's! Our clinics offer the region's premier diagnosis and specialty care for short-term illness and chronic conditions.

Whether you're coming in for one or several clinic appointments, Children's will do everything possible to make sure you and your child feel included, safe and comfortable.

We consider you and your child essential members of the healthcare team. Please ask us questions about your child's visit at any time.

On the pages in this section you'll find easy-to-use checklists and information about coming to Children's for a clinic visit.

Clinic Visit Intake Form

Please bring a completed Clinic Visit Intake Form (PDF) on the day of your child's appointment. We ask that you fill out a new intake form each time you visit a Children's clinic.

To complete the form electronically, click in the blue shaded boxes, type in your information, print out the form and bring it with you; or, print a blank form and fill it out by hand. If you are unable to bring a completed copy, we will provide you with a blank form on the day of your appointment.