Campus Amenities

Showers, Laundry, Toiletries, Basic Needs

Take care of your basic needs at the Family Resource Center. There are private showers with towels, toiletries, laundry, lockers and more. To learn about more services at the FRC like health information, massage, free coffee and tea, computers and more, visit the FRC page.

ATM (Cash Machine)

Cash machines are available between the Ocean Cafeteria and the Ocean 7 entrance desk and by the vending machines on River 3. There is no fee to use the ATM, though your own bank may charge one.

Strollers, Carts and Wagons

Available for loan at the entrance desks. For wheelchairs, see our Accessibility and Special Needs section.

Phone: 206-987-3360


In an emergency, you may get diapers at the clinics, entrances or the inpatient units.

Smoking Shelter

Outside the River entrance; open 24 hours. Smoking is only allowed in the shelter.

Gift Shop (Level 7, Ocean Zone)

Sells cards, gifts, Mylar balloons, toys, books, magazines, candy, toiletries, calling cards, stamps and more. For more information or to order a gift online, visit the Gift Shop page.

Nursing Mother Rooms

Most units have special rooms with breast pumps. For questions about pumping breast milk or breast-feeding, talk with your child’s nurse or ask to speak with a lactation consultant.