Phones, Internet, Office Services


Local phone calls

Courtesy phones are near entrance desks and in the Family Resource Center (level 7, River zone) for local phone calls.

Calling from outside Children’s

If you are calling your child or another patient's room from outside Children’s, call 206-987-2000 and ask for the patient by name, not by room number. Calls are transferred from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

For information about TTY, videophones and other services, visit Accessibility and Special Needs.

Phone cards

Phone cards are sold in the gift shop (level 7, Ocean zone).

Cell phones

Cell phones and related devices should not be used within 3 feet of any operating medical devices like cardiac monitors, ventilators or IV pumps or EEG equipment. Check with your nurse if you have questions. Reception is poor in many places. Try lobby areas and outdoor patios.

Internet and Computers

Free, high-speed wireless access (Wi-Fi)

Wi-Fi access is in all inpatient rooms, family lounges, Ocean Cafeteria (level 7, Ocean zone) and the Family Resource Center (level 7, River zone). You do not need a password. For questions, call the Family Internet Helpline at 7-5711.


There is free, 24-hour access to computers with Internet, Microsoft Office, health information resources and printers in the Family Resource Center (level 7, River zone). There also are computers in most family lounges on the units.

Office Services


If you need to send or receive faxes, please go to the Family Resource Center for help.


  • Level 7 next to the Frog elevators

Phone number

  • 206-987-2201


You can drop off stamped mail on any unit or in the Family Resource Center.

For patient mail: 
Patient’s Name (first and last) 
Seattle Children’s Hospital 
Room # _____ 
P.O. Box 5371 
Seattle, WA 98145-5005

Faxes and copies

Faxes and copies can be made at the unit desk on your unit or in the Family Resource Center (level 7, River zone).


There are free notary services. You must have a current government-issued picture ID. Contact the Family Resource Center. Phone: 7-2201.