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Before her first birthday, Greta went through chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant at her local hospital in Oregon. When her leukemia came back just five months later, Greta was running out of options. Heartbroken, her parents started considering end-of-life care – until they learned about an immunotherapy trial at Seattle Children’s. That immunotherapy trial saved Greta's life.

To every kid that “didn’t have a chance,” and to every kid that was “out of options” – Seattle Children’s is fighting for you.

When you say yes to Seattle Children’s, you're helping to accelerate life-saving research to ensure better outcomes for kids like Greta.

With your generous support, we will

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    Our founders had a clear mission when they opened the doors of the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital more than a century ago: to care for every child in need across our region, regardless of their family’s finances.

    They also promised to be there for every child, regardless of race or religion.

    Today, without hesitation – but with heartfelt gratitude – we call on our friends, supporters and champions to help advance our core mission.

    Your generous gift will help:

    • Strengthen the clinical programs that bring exceptional care to our patients, such as cardiology and heart surgerydiabetes and endocrinologyorthopedics and neonatology. This includes the opportunity to extend your legacy with an enduring gift that will keep Seattle Children’s at the forefront of specialty care.
    • Expand our facilities to increase our capacity to care for patients and advance new discoveries. Continued investments in capital will propel our mission far into the future.
    • Carry out our founding promise to provide medical care to all children in our region regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Unexpected hospital costs hit many families hard, leading to mountains of medical bills that can be impossible to pay. We typically provide roughly $120 million or more a year to cover care for families in need. Your investment will benefit kids for decades to come.
    • Secure the flexible funding required to respond nimbly to emerging needs and opportunities, such as recruiting a world-class doctor or scientist or purchasing new, innovative equipment to provide early diagnoses or novel treatments. With your support, we will shape the future of pediatric health.
  • Erin with her parents smilingCancer immunotherapy is a groundbreaking approach that reprograms a child’s own T cells – the white blood cells that fight infections – to find and kill cancer cells.

    Early clinical trials have shown promising results for patients who were not responding to standard therapies. In our first study of 42 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (the most common cancer in children), 93% achieved initial remission.

    These are kids who had relapsed more than once and were out of traditional treatment options. Each was on the verge of hospice care. Now we can begin to imagine a future with no surgery, no radiation, no chemo – and no debilitating side effects that rob so many kids of a healthy future.

    We’re in the early stages of fully harnessing the promise and potential of T cells. Many hurdles remain. Nearly half of the patients from our first clinical trial relapsed. But make no mistake: The potential is remarkable. 

    We are determined to redouble our efforts. To that end, we launched Strong Against Cancer, a national fundraising initiative that supports cancer immunotherapy research and our quest to bring cures to all kids with cancer.

    The success of immunotherapy has implications for curing disease at the cellular level as well. With your help, we will speed up research for dozens of other childhood diseases – from diabetes to sickle cell to HIV.

    Your generous gift will help:

    • Increase access to clinical trials and patient care for kids who are out of options. Our plans call for expanding the number of T-cell immunotherapy clinical trials we can conduct at any one time. That way, kids with cancer – for whom time is of the essence – will not have to wait months for a trial to open. We will also expand outpatient cancer care facilities on our main campus to better serve patients and their families.
    • Recruit star clinical and research talent and expand program areas at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. Investing in the best and the brightest – in the lab and at the bedside – gives our patients and families their best chance to beat cancer and other diseases. With your support, we will continue to recruit and retain the top physicians and scientists from around the world to stop cancer in its tracks.
    • Construct Seattle Children’s Research Institute: Building Cure, the research facility that will revolutionize the way childhood diseases are treated. Cell therapies hold the promise of curing many diseases at the cellular level. Just treating symptoms is not the answer; now we have the opportunity to fix the causes of many illnesses. With your help, we will make major investments to speed up research for dozens of childhood diseases, from diabetes to sickle cell disease to HIV.
    • Expand our ability to manufacture cell therapy products, such as T cells. It’s a costly proposition, yet it is quickly emerging as the future of treatment for cancer and genetic diseases. When our Cure Factory (two stories within Building Cure) is up and running, we will be able to produce enough cell therapy products to help 1,000 children each year versus the 150 we can help today.
  • Carmen at the park smilingChildren and teens are not small adults. Their growing bodies are complex and always changing; marvelously resilient in some ways, breathtakingly fragile in others.

    Perhaps nowhere are these differences between kids and adults more pronounced than with the brain. And Seattle Children’s is at the forefront of understanding the mechanisms of the developing childhood brain.

    Neuroscience specialists at Seattle Children’s collaborate across disciplines to study the brain at every level. Their clinical and research work is leading to earlier diagnoses and groundbreaking therapies to treat a wide range of brain disorders – such as epilepsy, autism, brain tumors, ADHD and other mental and behavioral health issues.

    Potential cures for some of these neurological diseases are on the horizon, thanks to the groundwork our specialists have set in place and the unsurpassed expertise and passion they bring to this emerging field.

    Dramatic advances in precision medicine, personalized for each child, point to a future in which we can use a child’s unique genetic or molecular profile to effectively diagnose and treat brain disorders.

    It adds up to a profound moment in time – a once-in-a-generation opportunity – in which we can more readily target the cause of the disease, not just treat the symptoms.

    Your generous gift will help:

    • Expand and fully integrate clinical programs and research studies to transform treatments and quicken the pace to find cures for kids with a wide range of brain disorders. Experts at Seattle Children’s work across disciplines, translating research results into real-life solutions as quickly as possible. You can help advance these efforts at the bedside, at the nationally recognized Seattle Children’s Research Institute and at our Center for Integrative Brain Research, in collaboration with the University of Washington.
    • Recruit, train and retain a renowned team of experts – including physicians, surgeons, scientists and psychologists – all working towards a common goal: to advance innovative therapies and cures that improve the lives of children and families worldwide. These strategic investments will build on our strengths as a leading center for treating brain disorders, help attract world-class talent and keep us at the forefront of innovation, now and into the future.
    • Expand vital facilities and infrastructure and create a national data bank to support clinical and research excellence. Investing in a state-of-the-art neurosciences center will ensure that we deliver the best care and outcomes possible for all children. Investments in technology will revolutionize our understanding and treatment of brain disorders as we build better predictive models for individual patients. Big data is the big idea as we create a massive national database to allow us to identify patterns in brain disorders and apply what we learn to make more precise, personalized treatment choices for kids.
  • Jonah, Jeremiah, Grandma and Shaquita Bell smilingWe make every effort to give sick kids the extraordinary care they need and deserve. But that’s not enough. We also must do whatever it takes to keep more children from ever needing to come to a hospital. That’s why Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) is central to our mission.

    OBCC has been a beacon of hope in our city for nearly 50 years. The clinic manages over 40,000 patient visits a year, offering medical, dental and mental health services – especially to families in low-income communities.

    OBCC’s big-picture view takes us beyond the clinic and into the heart of our community. That can mean helping a child stay in school. Or making sure a family’s home is mold-free. Or providing a child with warm outerwear during the winter months. Or helping families provide adequate food and nutrition for their children.

    The demand for services is on the rise. How will we respond? By doing something bold. Something different. Something unprecedented.

    We are building an expanded model for OBCC, one that addresses not only direct medical care and the social, economic and environmental roots of illness but also facilitates integrated care to make it convenient for families to receive social services, medical, mental and dental care in a holistic way.

    To help us do this, we are building a second OBCC location – a bigger, new clinic – in Southeast Seattle.
    The second location will give us a unique opportunity to care for more kids, to keep them on the path toward successful futures – and to model kindness and inclusivity to our patients, their families and our community.

    Your generous gift will help: 

    • Build a second Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic and support upgrades to the current clinic. OBCC, based in Seattle’s Central District, is a community clinic. It has been at the forefront of delivering equitable health and wellness care to low-income and ethnically diverse children for nearly half a century. Your support will help us renovate and upgrade the existing OBCC and build a second, larger location to serve more kids and for the many low-income families who have moved to South Seattle, South King County and beyond due to the rising cost of housing in Seattle’s urban core.
    • Create partnerships that matter. We will expand the number and variety of partnerships we have with social service organizations whose expertise complements our own. These alliances – which will likely include organizations with expertise in areas such as food security, foster care, active living, vocational services, housing and transportation – will enable us to better address the social, economic and environmental factors that determine a child’s well-being.
    • Develop a community health innovation hub. Your investment will also allow us to set up a one-of-a-kind proving ground at the new clinic where clinicians, researchers and families work together to develop and test strategies that counteract the greatest challenges to children’s health. This will include an emphasis on maternal health and nutrition, knowing that a healthy child needs a healthy mother. We’ll share the most successful strategies with other communities in our region and beyond.

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