Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC)

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Dental Services

Our Dental Clinic offers oral health exams, prevention and treatment for children ages 12 months to 15 years. During an exam, we will clean your child’s teeth and evaluate risk for tooth decay. In addition, we share dental tips to practice at home, including how certain food and drinks can affect your child’s teeth. Our dentists also provide sealants, fillings and other care, if needed.

Medical Services

Our team is specially trained to take care of your child, whether a routine check-up or treatment for a complex health problem. Our goals are to help you keep your child healthy and help you get your child the appropriate care. We treat many conditions, such as sickle cell disease, asthma, ADHD and obesity. We also see patients with special healthcare needs, such as children born very early or who have a feeding tube, seizures, and developmental delay or problems with more than one organ.

Behavioral Health Services

If your child needs help with mental health or behavior, our team offers several options to help you choose the tools best for your child:

  • Talking with a mental health therapist when your child comes for a medical visit
  • Getting information about a specific issue, like depression
  • Getting support by phone
  • Having your child see a mental health therapist for regular visits
  • Getting referrals to other places that can help, including additional therapy visits
  • Accessing services including testing, therapy, home and school visits

Sickle Cell Program

Our Sickle Cell Program provides care and treatment for children who have sickle cell disease. Prevention is a major focus – taking steps to prevent infections, pain and other health problems before they start. We help make sure your child, your family and staff at your child’s school know everything you need to know about this disease and how to take care of it. We also hold monthly educational and support events. If you want to know about sickle cell trait and the risk for sickle cell in your family, we can talk with you about this, too.

Fit 4 U (swimming lessons and cooking classes)

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Your Visit

Prepare for Your Visit

If this is your first time visiting our clinic, we will need to register your child before we can make an appointment. To register your child, please call 206-987-7210 and press 1.


To make a first-time mental health appointment, you will need a referral from your child's primary care provider. You will also need to fill out an intake packet. To have a packet sent to you, please call 206-987-7260.

Immunization and Medical Records

To request immunization and medical records, call Odessa Brown Health Information Management at 206-987-2173. You may not be able to request and receive your child’s records at the time of your visit.

It Starts With Yes

Your investment in Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic provides funding to open OBCC Othello in Spring 2022 – a second clinic location in the Othello neighborhood that will expand primary care services and address the social determinants of health that account for 80% of a child’s well-being: housing, safety, education, nutrition and other basic needs. Your commitment will also enable a renovation of the original Central District clinic location on Yesler Way to better serve our patients in the Central District and adjacent neighborhoods. Learn more about how you can say yes.