RPM Triptych

The Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine Clinic brings together experts from many areas of healthcare to provide comprehensive, coordinated care. Each team member is specially trained in treatments and services that children, adolescents and young adults need for pelvic conditions, from complex surgery to bowel management. Our team-based approach, often called multidisciplinary care, ensures the best possible quality of life for your child.


Nurse Practitioner


  • Jean Dearn, RN, urology
  • Amber Heberling, RN, urology
  • Connie Mantel, RN, outreach and education, reconstructive pelvic medicine
  • Lindsay Taylor, RN, general and thoracic surgery 

Registered Dietitian 

  • Jenny Stevens, RDN, CD, CNSC 

Social Worker 

  • Alicia Adiele, LSWAIC, MSW 


  • Dani Rose 

Business Director 

  • Whitney Murphy, MHA 

Program Manager 

  • Jennifer Doepping