Surgical Gender Affirmation Program

Refer a Patient

How to Refer a Patient

To locate or expedite a referral, please call our Clinical Intake Coordinators at 206-987-2080, option 2.

Appointment availability

Updated April 2024.

The Surgical Gender Affirmation Program is accepting new referrals. The wait time for initial surgery consultation is currently 6 months. The wait time for patients approved for surgery is 7.5 months and may be up to 20 months for genital surgery.

Referral requirements

A referral is required and must include a letter of support (see details below). Please direct your referral and letter(s) of support to Plastic Surgery or the Surgical Gender Affirmation Clinic (either is fine), but not the Gender Clinic. There is a separate referral process for the Gender Clinic for patients who are interested in gender-affirming medical care such as puberty blockers, testosterone or estradiol.

  • Who can submit a referral: The referral should come from the patient’s gender-related medical care provider if they are on hormones or menstrual suppression or, if they are not, from their primary care provider or a medical doctor who is knowledgeable about their gender care needs.
  • Age of patient:
    • We work closely with patients and families to make decisions about surgery age and timing. For gender-affirming genital procedures, patients must be 18 or older by the time of surgery. For other surgeries, timing depends on many factors, like the patient’s stage of puberty and how surgery fits with the rest of their gender-related healthcare. A typical age is mid-teens or older.
    • We see patients up to age 21 for any surgical procedure, with some exceptions considered through age 26.
  • What to send with your referral: Please submit at least 1 of the required medical or mental health letters of support.

    In addition to the required documents above, please include the standard information requested on our New Appointment Request Form (PDF) (DOC).

    Please submit a referral that is complete. This helps us schedule your patient’s appointment in a timely manner and ensure their first visit is smooth and productive.  

    Submit a referral

    We’re committed to partnering with you

    • Request a Gender Clinic e-consult (for nonsurgical, nonurgent, patient-specific questions; providers receive a reply within 3 days)
    • Diagnosis and treatment options: call 206-987-7777 (Provider-to-Provider Line)
    • Referring or transporting a patient to our Emergency Department or Urgent Care: call 206-987-8899 or, toll free, 866-987-8899 (Emergency Department Communications Center)

    What Your Patients Can Expect

    • Once we receive your referral and at least 1 of the required medical or mental health letters (see above), our schedulers will call your patient to discuss making an appointment.
    • Your patients may also call us directly, once the referral has been received, at 206-987-2759, option 6, to talk about making an appointment.
    • Your patient can visit our website to learn more about how to prepare.
    • Your patient is welcome to call 206-987-2759, option 6, even without a referral if they have questions or would like to learn more about the gender affirmation surgery process.

    See resources from the Gender Clinic for patients and families.

    Resources for Providers

    Learn more about managing your patients at Seattle Children’s, including viewing your patient’s records.