Gender Clinic

What to Expect

Your family members will be accepted and treated with respect. We will call you by your preferred name and pronouns. Your preferences will be part of your medical record.

Treatment Roadmap

See a visual roadmap (PDF) (Spanish) for treatment steps and options in the Gender Clinic.

Things to Do Before Your Appointment

  • We recommend you establish care with a mental health professional in the community. If you need help with this, connect with our care navigator at 206-987-8319 and see How to Find a Therapist (PDF).
  • Ask your primary care provider to fax us your medical records. Our fax number is 206-987-3959.
  • Provide any test results related to your gender or your puberty stage. Bring copies or ask your doctor to fax them. This avoids repeating tests.
  • Learn more about what to do before your appointment.

What happens during a clinic visit?

A first visit is usually a full hour. It may take longer if you need blood tests. You will meet doctors who specialize in hormones or in adolescent health. You and your family will meet with our care navigator to help build a roadmap for next steps.

For some patients, the roadmap may include a mental health evaluation before some types of therapy can begin. Your roadmap is tailored to you and your family. It takes into account previous evaluations and insurance requirements.

Follow-up visits are usually 30 minutes. The providers you see at each visit depend on what you need.

Appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays. The clinic is located at the Springbrook Professional Center near Seattle Children's main campus.