Dental Clinic

Meet Your Team

Our department features a team of pediatric dentists, endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, speech and language pathologists, oral surgery nurses, dental assistants and support staff members who have expertise in treating the dental health needs of patients with complex medical conditions, developmental delays or behavioral problems.

The clinic also serves as a training site for pediatric dental and oral surgery residents.

Providers in the Dental Clinic include:



Care coordinators

  • Kristine Gardner

  • Nicole Knutson

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Dental assistant supervisor

  • Danielle Bailey

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Dental assistants

  • Celeith Acevedo Moros

  • Teresa Connor

  • Briana Edwards

  • Serene Lemon

  • Rebecca Llarenas

  • Nevena Putnikovic Milojkovic

  • Jamela Phillips

  • Luisa Pulido

  • Melissa Rae

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Dental surgery coordinator

  • Gladys Jocom

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Family service coordinator

  • Lael Oldfin

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Speech and language pathologist

  • Lauren Beckett, MC, CCC-SLP

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Support staff

  • Rodo Abdirahman

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