The Cystic Fibrosis Program brings together a team from many specialties to develop the care plan that works best for your child. You and your child are central members of the team. We take a proactive approach to managing your child’s CF and are passionate about improving their quality of life.




  • Laurie Eldredge, MD, PhD
  • Jon Cogen, MD, MPH


  • Janine Cassidy, RN, MSN, clinical nurse specialist
  • Julie Radford, RN


  • Susan Casey, RDN

Social Worker

  • Al Lew, MSW

Respiratory Therapist

  • Leslee Hill, RRT

Child Life Specialist

  • Brittney Nelson, CLS

Athletic Trainer

  • Kaiulani Gilbert, ATC

Genetic Counselor

  • Kathy Shih, CGC

Appointments with the genetic counselor only are scheduled/billed separately from the rest of the care team members of the Cystic Fibrosis Program listed earlier. However, the genetic counselor may be able to see you on the same day as one of your program appointments. We will help coordinate your visit, or you may arrange a different time.