Cranial Base Program

Meet Your Team

The Cranial Base Program brings experts from many areas of healthcare together to plan and provide your child’s treatment.

Providers in the Cranial Base Program include:


  • Randall A Bly, MD
  • Amy Lee, MD

    Amy Lee, MD

    Division Chief, Neurosurgery; Fellowship Director; Pediatric Neurosurgery; Associate Residency Program Director, Pediatric Neurosurgery; Co-Director, Neurosciences Center; Surgical Director, Pediatric Brain Tumor Program

Drs. Ferreira and Moe perform cranial base surgery for children at Seattle Children’s and for adults at the University of Washington. They have worked closely with Seattle Children’s to develop our program to treat children.

Contact Us

Contact the Cranial Base Program by calling Otolaryngology at 206-987-2105 for an appointment, second opinion or more information.

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