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Cancer and Blood Disorders Center – Inpatient

Keeping Care Teams and Parents Close to Kids

Cancer Care Unit

Our Cancer and Blood Disorders Center – Inpatient unit is designed with patients, families and caregivers in mind. Light and airy, it covers 2 floors, with 48 private rooms. Day and night, our inpatient care team includes acute care oncologists who are board-certified in hematology-oncology. Few children’s hospitals offer this level of around-the-clock subspecialty care. 

  • Care team work stations designed for close contact

    Our space is designed so nurses and other caregivers can stay near your child, because research shows that patients do better when they have more contact with nurses.

    The unit includes work spaces for caregivers in your child’s room, on “care team porches” just outside the room and in centralized stations within clear sight of patient rooms. Having medicines and supplies delivered directly to patient rooms also keeps your child’s caregivers close at hand.

  • Spacious private rooms with showers

    Each patient room is about 330 square feet, with room for 2 parents to stay overnight. You’ll have a private bathroom with a shower.

    In-room conference tables provide a space for your family to talk with your healthcare team about treatment plans.

  • TVs with interactive media systems

    Each patient room includes a 42-inch TV with GetWell Town, an interactive entertainment and education system.  It provides access to on-demand programming, movies, the Internet, music and games. Content is matched to your child's age and condition

  • Lead-lined rooms for state-of-the-art therapy

    Seattle Children's is the only hospital in the Pacific Northwest to offer a new treatment that delivers radiation to cancer cells via the bloodstream. It is called I-131-MIBG therapy. To keep all patients and staff safe, children who get this treatment stay in a special room with lead-lined doors and walls to block radiation. Their parent stays in a room next door and spends limited time in their child’s room.

Places for Privacy, Reflection and Family Time

  • Quiet rooms and family lounges

    To meet your family’s need for private spaces, we have quiet rooms and lounges on both floors of our Cancer and Blood Disorders Center - Inpatient. You can use the quiet rooms to take a break, have a private talk, meditate or just be alone.

    Family lounges include comfortable furniture, TVs, computers and spaces to store and fix food.

  • Cancer care therapy gym

    A physical therapy gym serves the fitness and rehabilitation needs of all cancer patients. It overlooks the building's rooftop terrace and has great views of mountains and surrounding neighborhoods.

Helping Kids Feel Safe and in Control

  • Room temperature, color and light as you like

    Private patient rooms are designed to give your child a sense of control at a time when many kids feel they have little power. The in-room thermostat lets them control room temperature. Your child can adjust the multicolor LED lights in the glass door panels to their liking.

  • Separate space for treatments

    Each level has separate rooms for treatments. This is so your child’s room always feels like a safe place. This is the state of the art in pediatric care across the country.

  • Freshening and filtering the air

    Each private room has its own air filtration system. You can completely change the air in your child’s room up to 12 times an hour. The system lets you adjust the number of air changes to meet your child's needs.

    Before a room receives a new patient, the system exchanges all of the air in the room.

  • Meals to suit your child’s taste

    We offer hotel-style room service. Order off a menu and have a meal made fresh and delivered to your child’s room. Each patient room also includes a personal refrigerator so you can store your own comfort food.

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If you have a referral or would like a second opinion, contact the Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at 206-987-2106 or by email.

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