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For Those Considering a Career in Nursing

For Nursing Students

For New Nursing Graduates

We welcome new nursing graduates – and we'll support you as you transition from student to nurse. New graduate RNs will begin their Seattle Children’s careers in the Nurse Residency Program, which is held three to four times a year, with the first cohort beginning in February 2017.

We prefer to hire new graduate RNs:

  • With a BSN from a school with a pediatric inpatient acute care and hospital-based clinical rotation where you planned and provided direct patient care. New graduates with an ADN will also be considered.
  • With work experience in a pediatric acute care setting, or senior student experience in a pediatric acute care setting
  • Who are diverse candidates who reflect the population of patients and families we serve

Applicants need to have their Washington state RN license prior to beginning with their cohort in the residency program, but are allowed to apply to the program prior to having their license.


Orientation, mentoring and support

As a newly graduated nurse at Seattle Children's, you'll receive orientation and ongoing support to help you succeed.

The Nurse Residency Program is for new graduate nurses with less than a year of nursing experience. The program provides a combination of in-class learning experiences with patient care orientation on the units with a nurse preceptor and a variety of experiences to help the new nurse transition into their new role.

Orientation under the Nurse Residency Program includes:

  • A pediatric curriculum that includes various learning modalities
  • Patient care orientation with a nurse preceptor
  • New graduate nurse support that emphasizes the importance of well-being and work-life balance
  • Mentorship with an experienced nurse
  • Shadow experience in service areas that you will interact with as a nurse
  • Participation in an evidence-based project under the guidance of an advanced practice nurse
  • Evaluation of new graduate nurse competency

Commitments for nurse residents include:

  • Work a full-time position, which includes nights, evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Flexibility in scheduling with patient care shifts and classes
  • Residents will be expected to plan time off around residency classes. Classes will be more concentrated at the beginning of the program.

For Experienced Nurses

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