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Flow Cytometry Core Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the cytometers cost per hour?

See our fee structure.

Are trained staff available to answer questions?

Yes, consultation is available for experimental design, analysis/interpretation and training on the instrument.

Will the flow facility process and acquire my data?

No, users are responsible for handling their own samples.

How do I schedule time for a cytometer?

The first step is to meet with the Flow Core Manager.

What type of training do I need in order to use the cytometer?

All users must be trained prior to using the instruments. Tutorials can be arranged with the Flow Core Manager and typically take about 2½ hours to complete.

What types of samples can be run on the cytometers?

Any single cell or particle suspensions can be analyzed, including bacteria, yeast, dissociated tissue and polystyrene beads.

What types of cells are prohibited?

All samples must be blood-borne, pathogen-free or fixed cells.

Can I use the cytometers after hours and on the weekends?

All users MUST receive training by the facility staff to operate the cytometers and demonstrate the ability to start up, run and shut down the instruments.

Do you archive data?

All experiments and FCS files generated on the LSRII, Calibur and the Aria must be exported and deleted from the Diva software database after each use. Data should be archived on the SW01 server in the FACS data folder or exported for offsite users.

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