Featured Research

Research Provides Immediate Improvements to Administration of Delirium Assessment Tool at Seattle Children’s

Hector Valdivia

Nursing research study explores the interrater reliability of a pediatric delirium assessment tool. Learn more.

Nursing Research Offers Unique Perspective in Treatments for Infants with Bronchiolitis

team in front of their poster

Nurses and a respiratory therapist partner to examine the impact of suctioning methods on a patient’s breathing. Learn more.

Nurses Answer Clinical Questions by Leading Research

Amber Hyatt 70x70

Amber Hyatt, a charge nurse in the Emergency Department, proves that anyone with a little determination and curiosity can lead a research project. Learn more.

A Better Way to Take Children’s Temperatures

Boy With Fever 70x70

Led by Esther Opersteny, a group of Seattle Children’s nurses recently finished a study that showed temporal thermometers are more precise and less disruptive than taking a child’s temperature orally or under the arm. Learn more.