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Learn about Seattle Children’s Anti-Racism Organizational Change plan and the independent review to combat systemic racism conducted by the Assessment Committee.

James Lab Team

Richard G. James, PhD Richard G. James, PhD Principal Investigator
Emma Suchland Emma Suchland Research Scientist II
Nathan Camp Nathan Camp Research Scientist IV
Rene Cheng Rene Cheng Graduate Student, UW Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute
Tingting Zhang Tingting Zhang Research Scientist IV
Tyler Hill Tyler Hill Graduate Student, UW Molecular and Cellular Biology and Medical Science Training Program
Alice Shu Chau, MD Alice Shu Chau, MD MD Fellow, UW Allergy and Immunology
Andee Ott Andee Ott Research Scientist I
Rupa Devi Soligalla Rupa Devi Soligalla Research Scientist II
Naomi Sibayan Naomi Sibayan Research Scientist II
Nikita Trevedi Nikita Trevedi Postdoctoral Fellow

Former Lab Members

Veronika Glukhova: post-doc from 2014-2016, now a research contractor at Intellectual Ventures, Bellevue, Washington

Meghan Garrett: research scientist I from 2014-2016, now a graduate student in Julie Overbaugh’s lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Katie Bosch: research scientist II from 2012-2014, now a software engineer at Moz

Karlee Orvik: 2017-19; Mary Gates Scholarship award winner

Shy-ya Serena Hu: 2013-15

Jim Hibbard: 2014


Richard James

For questions or inquiries, 206. 884. 3290


James Lab
1900 9th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

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