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This Could Be You!

Join the James Lab

We are a group of researchers with diverse scientific background collectively focused on improving therapies for immune-related disorders.  

Graduate Students

The James lab is affiliated with the University of Washington and currently take students from the following programs: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, Department of Pharmacology, Medical Scientist Training Program, M3D and Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute. The lab is interested in rotation students.

Post-Doctoral and Medical Fellows

The James lab is interested in applications from medical or post-doctoral fellows. Please send a CV and names for references. Excellent candidates will clearly articulate how their previous research experience will set them up for success in the James lab. New ideas related to B cell biology and disease are encouraged!

Training You Will Get in the Lab

We use a large variety of experimental techniques, including those that require computational expertise. Scientists, students, post-docs and fellows in the lab will become familiar with multiplexed screening assays and with a variety of low throughput approaches. For mentorship, you can expect interest/excitement, support, guidance, resources and availability.    

Expectations of Members of the Lab

  1. Contribute! Communicate what you need, help other lab members learn new things, present your research to the wider community (conferences, papers, etc), and make a proactive effort to ensure that the lab runs smoothly.
  2. Innovate and integrate! Don’t ignore confounding results – instead, be curious and figure out the why. Do leverage concepts from another field that can be applied to ours.
  3. Consider! Do interpretable experiments – include proper controls and carefully document your results/methods. 


Richard James

For questions or inquiries: 206-884-3290


James Lab
1920 Terry Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101