Residency Training Program

Research Track

What is the Research Track?

This track provides pediatrician scientists with MD/PhD and equivalent backgrounds with an opportunity to participate in a significant amount of protected research time during their pediatric residency.

Residents on the Physician Scientist track will experience the same core pediatric rotations as categorical residents, but will select from several tracks to allow for development of a research focus during 6-12 months of their residency training.  A personalized path for these residents include either a specific research focused time, or one of the American Board of  Pediatrics’ training pathways, the Integrated Research Pathway (IRP) or Accelerated Research Pathway (ARP). Participants in this track will receive additional mentorship and financial resources to support their development as a physician scientist.

Many categorical residents who are not part of the Research Track also participate in meaningful research during their training.

How do I apply to the Research Track?

As on the other individualized training pathways the UW Pediatric Residency Program offers (Global Health, Community Pediatrics and Advocacy and Alaska Track), the residents in the Research Track are firmly integrated within the categorical program and are a part of the larger family of the pediatric residency program.

Due to the extended time commitment in research, however, there is a separate match number to apply to the Research Track. To be considered for both the straight categorical program and the Research Track, you must apply to each separately using their individual match numbers.

Please note that the interview process for the Research Track will involve an interview day and research meetings with Research Track faculty, current trainees and researchers in the greater UW community whose research areas align with specific applicants to the Research Track. Should you decide to apply to both the categorical program and the Research Track, you will participate in a two-day virtual interview experience.