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A personal fundraising page is a web-based platform that invites your donors to give online. Each page can benefit the fund of your choosing at Seattle Children’s and provides an area for you to share your story and photos. With a set goal, a scrolling donor list and a thermometer that fills as you reach your total, an online page will engage your supporters as they help you reach your goal!

Seattle Children’s will issue an individual tax-deductible receipt for each gift made by a donor to your page. Utilizing a fundraising page is an effective way to raise funds for Seattle Children’s without having to keep track of totals. They can easily be shared to social media pages, have no minimum fundraising requirements and can be used year after year.

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For more resources, visit our Getting Started page for tips, tricks and best practices that will help make your fundraiser a success.  


  • What is a personal fundraising page?

    A personal fundraising page is a customized web page you can use to raise funds for Seattle Children’s.  It’s a simple process: request your page, add your story and share with your community.

  • Why a fundraising page and not GoFundMe?

    When you raise money through a Seattle Children’s fundraising page, donations are directed immediately to Seattle Children’s and no processing fee is taken from your fundraising total. Additionally, Seattle Children’s is then able to thank each individual donor from your page and issue individual receipts for tax deduction. GoFundMe and other crowdfunding sites do not offer us a way to thank your donors and may also charge fees to process your donors’ gifts.

  • The hospital area I want to support isn’t listed. What do I do?

    If the area you would like to support isn’t listed, please email us and we can help you set up a fundraising page that fits your fundraising goals!

  • Can Seattle Children’s share information about the donors to my fundraising page?

    Donor privacy and information is protected by law. Therefore, we are unable to share that information with you. If someone makes a gift to your page, you will see that donor’s name and gift amount on your dashboard if they choose to share it.

  • Can Seattle Children’s help cover my event expenses?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to cover fundraising event expenses. However, we can assist you with the wording you use to ask community members to provide donations. Please note that once a gift is made to your fundraising page, it is directly deposited and cannot be redirected to you to cover expenses.

  • My donors don’t feel safe giving online. How can they give?

    Online donations are our preferred method. Our website is secure, and your donors will have access to their digital gift receipts immediately. Your online donor wall will identify your new donation as soon as the donation has been made.

    Offline donations: You can also give by calling 206-987-2153 or 800-635-1432. Or, download a donation form (PDF) and mail your gift to:

    Seattle Children’s Foundation
    M/S 818-F
    PO Box 5371
    Seattle, WA 98145-5005  


Email us and we’ll be happy to help.