Thomas M Jinguji, MD

"When I first got into medical school, I asked my mom what makes a good doctor. She said, "Be good, be kind and be thorough." I try to stick to this advice as much as I can."

  • Dr. Jinguji is a clinical associate professor in the Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington School of Medicine. He completed his pediatric residency and internship at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine was also completed through the University of Washington School of Medicine. Specialty interests for Dr Jinguji include developmental hip dysplasia and research in concussion.

    He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. Dr. Jinguji lives with his wife, two children and dog Molly in south King County. He enjoys trying to finish marathons and doing whatever his family tells him to do.

    • Silveria Connell, WA 06.05.23

      Dr. Jinguji is an amazing and really understanding doctor who explains everything clearly and cares for his patients. Thank you so much for having doctors like him. Keep up the good work.

    • Donna Brady 03.11.23

      I am thrilled to share my experience with Dr. Jinguji, who has been taking care of our 6-year-old daughter. From the very first appointment, Dr. Jinguji's bedside manner made us feel like our daughter was his only patient. He has that special ability to intentionally connect with his patients and their families, making a difficult situation seem conquerable. We travel all the way from Montana to see Dr. Jinguji because of his kindness and thoughtfulness. His expertise and knowledge in the field of orthopedics have been instrumental in helping our daughter with her complicated condition. Dr. Jinguji has helped us set up the best team to help treat our daughter, and we feel like we have the best team on our side. What we appreciate most about Dr. Jinguji is his attentiveness to our daughter's needs. He always takes the time to answer our questions and explain the treatment plan in a way that we can understand. We leave our appointments with him feeling uplifted and reassured that our daughter is in the best hands possible. Overall, we are extremely pleased with our experience with Dr. Jinguji and would recommend him to anyone in need of orthopedic interventions for their child. He is truly one of those special doctors who go above and beyond to take care of their patients and their families.

    • Angelica Sunnyside, Wa 11.30.22

      We met with Dr. Jinguji after a consultation regarding my daughters bilateral clubfoot. Her initial care and serial casting was done at another facility. We went in for a 2nd opinion with Dr. J because we felt our appointments and time at the other facility felt rushed. My husband and I felt like we were not being educated on her condition. We felt that she was not being properly evaluated at each appointment. When we finally met Dr. J that was totally different. He is very attentive to her and he even gets down to her feet level to watch her walk. He truly cares about her well being and it shows in his work. I highly recommend him, you won't regret it. Very kind human being. His staff is also just as caring, nurse Shannon Peck is equally as kind and attentive. Great experience!

    • Karliann Bothell 03.30.21

      I have enjoyed having Dr. Jinguji on my daughter's medical team. He is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He performed one minor surgery for her and I am having him do another. I feel that we are in good hands with Dr. Jinguji.

    • Lisa Seattle 01.14.21

      Dr Jinguji is such an amazing physician. If you have a chance to bring your child to him, take it! You will be in good hands. Dr Jinguji solved my 4yo's toe walking through serial casting, which meant that we avoided surgery. He also advised on my 2yo's leg fracture. As a parent who deeply wants the best for my kids (as I'm sure you all do), Dr Jinguji always listened to my concerns and helped address them in any way possible. He is incredibly personable and caring. He genuinely cares for your health outcomes, does a great job, and takes the time to answer all of your questions. Truly the best.

    • Tory Federal way 11.19.20

      I'm almost 25 years old now, but when I was a child my mom took me to see Dr junguji. He was my pediatrician almost all the way through childhood. I remember loving him ! I was diagnosed early with ADHD and he helped my mom through that whole process. He made sure I felt normal down to counting the bruises on my legs... Because if I was short it means I wasn't my normal active self! If he did adult medicine he'd still be my doctor!

    • Ivy Gig Harbor, WA 10.02.19

      We have had such a positive experience with Seattle Children's Hospital and Dr. Jinguji. Everyone that works at SCH is kind and upbeat. Dr. Jinguji is a knowledgeable and competent provider. He is also great with kids. He helped my daughter feel comfortable and took his time with us at each appointment.

    • Zalika Kent, Wa 08.28.18

      My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis, Dr. J is AMAZING! He is so thorough! He’s patient and explains everything, you never feel like you are being rushed! He tells my daughter everything he is doing! He always ask her if she comfortable since he is a male and she is a young female. She leaves his office feeling like she has no unanswered questions. He’s the perfect doctor to work with children!

    • Matea Wenatchee, WA 07.06.18

      Dr J is an amazing dr ! My son has bilateral clubfoot, and has had a tough time adapting to the standard treatment. Dr J has helped us so much finding the right treatment for my son! He makes us laugh the whole time we are in the room!

    • David Gig Harbor, Washington 05.07.17

      Dr Jingugi was our son's pediatrician and delivered our daughter 18 years ago. He was so kind and gentle. He did not have privileges at Valley Medical Center at the time, but still made a personal visit to check up on our new baby girl. He is a wonderful doctor and person.

    • yvette seattle wa 11.07.15

      By far one of the best docters we have met. He makes sure all your questions are answered and has a lot of patience with kids. Was very nice and made sure everything was ok with my sons ankle. He doubled checked everything. Recommended this docters to make your visits pleased.

    • DeeDee Stanwood 09.03.15

      If you read the beginning of Dr. Jinguji's biography about the advice he got from his mom, you will know that even before he started medical school, he was a good listener! He lives by the advice his mom gave him: "Be good, be kind and be thorough." He knows what he is doing and does it with a very kind, gentle, nurturing heart. We have twins with severe issues and he is one of our main doctors at Children's! Dr. Jinguji and the staff are amazing and some of the most caring people I have met.

    • AMBER BOISE , ID 01.14.15

      We live in Boise and for the past several months we have been looking for answers regarding our sons unexplained swelling and pain that he has in his lower extremities. He has a heart condition so this was very concerning. We have an amazing pediatrician and after performing months and months of testing and still coming up with nothing he reached out to Seattle Children's. Dr. Jinguji was one of the amazing providers we saw during our trip. Our appointment had to be rescheduled because of commuting difficulty, (coming from Idaho in the middle of winter..) There wasn't a slot open that would work with his schedule and ours, so instead of saying he wouldn't see Chais he took time out of his lunch to meet with us!! He was very friendly and made us laugh the entire time. Then called personally with test results after we had gone back to Idaho. The entire experience made me feel so grateful and hopeful for the first time in a long time. Thank you Dr. Jinguji and really all the staff we met at Seattle Children's, this is an amazing place!!

    • Barbara Auburn, WA 08.28.14

      We were referred to Dr. Jinguji after years of being told that our son was imagine his limp. He diagnosed him with a rare condition and referred us to a specialist within the Children's Hospital network for that condition because my son will needs many surgeries over the next 10 years. In addition to catching something that no other doctor had figured out yet (we had seen 5 doctors before Dr. Jinguji) his bedside manner was amazing. He broke the news in a calm way that didn't scare my son, explained what was going on and he even made a follow up appointment in a month just to check how we were "doing" with the diagnosis.

    • Shannon Seattle, WA 05.13.14

      When we lived in Eastern WA, my son was injured in wrestling practice. He was taken to the emergency room in Grand Coulee, WA and they were unable to find anything wrong with my son, they called it a sprain and wrapped it up in an ACE bandage. After not being able to walk, I brought my son to Spokane Shriner's. They found 2 breaks in his shin bone. It was casted. 2 weeks later, they removed the cast and sent him home. He still could not walk. They said it was "stiff" from being in a cast. I was forced to carry him or scoot him in a wheeled chair (not wheelchair, an office-like chair). This is now 2-1/2 months after the initial injury. I brought him into our doctor at the clinic and asked to be referred to Seattle Children's. I finally met Dr. Jinguji and he found ANOTHER break in my son's foot. We got him another cast (Seahawks blue and green!) and he has been fine ever since! I appriciate the way Dr. Jinguji talks to my son and I. I appriciate that he remembers us whenever we have a follow-up appointment. He is very thorough and careful. Thank you, Dr. Jinguji!! For everything!

    • Melissa Previous Olympia, WA 04.11.14

      My son suffered from chronic lower back pain from a young age. His PCP did X-rays and wasn't sure something was wrong, so she referred us to Dr Jinguji. After just the 1st visit we had a diagnosis and treatment plan. He found a small congenital gap in my sons L-5 vertebrae. He was diagnosed with Spina bifida occulta. He monitored my son for a year and saw no change, so we were given the green light to continue life as usual and check in if there were any problems. This was a very scary and confusing diagnosis and the doctor educated us and helped us to feel at ease. Coming from a family of full contact sports people this was a necessity to know because our son is at risk for that vertebrae to break. This helped us to choose sports for him that would have the lowest risk for high contact in the torso. Thank you so much Dr Jinguji. We would surely have an injured teenager later on had we not caught this so early. We truly adore you.

    • Megan Auburn, WA 02.27.13

      Fantastic bedside manner! Great with kids and parents, especially if the news isn't so great. He helped our son with hip dysplasia. Tried a new harness when the other wasn't showing signs of success, prevented surgery, and our son's case was highlighted in a medical journal. Highly recommend Dr. Jinguji!

    • Samantha rolette nd 01.03.13

      When we lived by seattle wa,he was the best for my daughter who has cerebal palsey,he was great with communications for us and to take care of her needs,ty so much for being there for her!! A ++

    • Susan Kingston, WA 12.26.12

      We have seen Dr Jinguji multiple times over the past few months for concussion, back spasms, and torn labrum. To sum up our experience in one word would be 'wow'!. His communciation during the visit and after was outsanding. He even followed up by phone with our pediatrician and our schools athletic trainer. I could not have ask for a better Dr to handle my son's multiple situations. Dr Jinguji is an outstanding Doctor and I highly recommend him!

    • Angie Snohomish, WA 08.03.12

      He is WONDERFUL- caring, reassuring, thoughtful, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. Even though I was not happy to have to bring my baby to see him to get her put in a hip harness he always helped me leave with feeling not as sad and overwhelmed...He is really a terrific doctor and I do not mind driving 1 hour to see him

    • Brandi Bothell, WA 09.19.11

      Dr. Jinguji is terrific. He has seen our daughter numerous times for hip dysplasia. He is gentle and kind. Most importantly, he talks to her to tell her what is going. She loves this!

    • Sonia Issaquah, WA 09.16.11

      Dr. Jinguji is staying true to his mother's advice! During a routine annual visit for my son's spine, Dr. Jinguji discovered a muscular sports related problem in my son's hip/leg. We are looking forward to a follow up visit with him and trust his thorough approach will discover a way to give further relief to my son after his physical therapy.

    • Cheryl Everett, WA 05.31.11

      I give Dr. Jingugi my highest reccomendation. He took great care of my daughter when she broke her ankle. He spent a lot of time developing rapport with her individually and also spent a lot of time explaining the injury, treatment options and potential complications to me and making sure all of my questions were answered. He is a very warm and kind individual and I appreciated his practical approach and the fact that we never felt rushed. I would definitely choose to work with him again if the need arose.

    • Pauline Des Moines, WA 05.05.11

      Dr. Jinguji is a very excellent physician. He was my children's Pediatrician at UWPN. My son personally asked to be referred to be treated by Dr.Jinguji when he injuried his hand. An outstanding individual and all around nice person.

    • CHRISTY Pacific wa 12.29.10

      He is a very nice doctor and is very attentive and caring! Wonderful doctor!

    • Nancy Bellevue, Wa 12.01.10

      Dr. Jinguji is a fabulous physician. He is kind and caring and values my input as a parent. Both of my daughters think he is great!

  • Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    SEATTLE TOP DOCTOR - 2022 Seattle Magazine 2022
    SEATTLE MAGAZINE TOP DOCTOR - 2016 Seattle Magazine 2016
    Seattles Top Doctor 2016 Seattle Met Magazine 2016
    SEATTLE MAGAZINE TOP DOCTOR - 2015 Seattle Magazine 2015
    Honor Medical Society UW Chapter Alpha Omega Alpha Jan 1, 2009
    Service Excellence Award Winner, Fall 2007 Recognition T.E.A.M., UW Medicine 2007
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    Other Publications

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  • Grant Title Grantor Amount Award Date
    Cortical GABA in Pediatric Sports Concussions NIH RO3 $100,000 2013 - 2015


Board Certification(s)

Sports Medicine

Medical/Professional School

University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


University of Washington School of Medicine GME, Seattle, WA

Clinical Interests

Pediatric Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Research Description

Concussion, Developmental Hip Dysplasia.

Research Focus Area

Translational Research